Some people might not pay heed to the cleanliness of their exercise space. Working out in a spotless room is vital to the success of the training session. Here are four reasons that might convince you if you’re on the fence about doing your exercise in a clean space:

Affects Breathing

Proper breathing is critical to achieving excellent results for each exercise. It’s never a good idea to hold your breath in relatively every workout you do (except for swimming).

Now, if you’re exercising in an unclean room, chances are that you’re breathing polluted air. Long-term exposure to unclean indoor air may cause health problems, like:

  • Chest pains
  • Incessant coughing
  • Shortness of breath
  • Nose and throat irritations

Moreover, continuously inhaling polluted indoor air may aggravate existing health complications, such as asthma and lung disease. Hence, one excellent place to start exercise in a clean space is the air in and around it.

Aim to use MERV-rated air filters to help keep polluted air outside your workout space. Low-rated MERV air filters can be an efficient way to block unclean particles from entering your exercise area’s airspace, but consider using high-rated MERV filters as these variants tend to require less maintenance than their low-rated counterparts.

Maintains Focus

Like breathing, proper focus is an integral component of exercising. Letting your mind wander may result in poor form and accidents during workouts, particularly if you’re lifting heavy weights.

However, it can be challenging to maintain focus if you’re exercising in an unclean space. Looking at clutter might cause stress. Some people might even feel anxious when working out in a filthy area; exercising should help relieve anxiety.

Cleaning your workout area should help you maintain focus on your current workout routine. Skip the cleaning, and you might encounter dire consequences. For example, doing deadlifts activate muscles, like the hamstrings and gluteus maximus. Beginners might think that veteran weightlifters are using their lower back to lift the heavy weight. But, using your back to do deadlifts is a mistake that you should never do.

Without proper focus, you might forget to isolate the muscles in your gluteus maximum or hamstrings during deadlifts. Hence, lifting the weight puts an immense pressure to your lower back. Failure to correct your form can result in serious injuries, some of which might hinder you from going back to training for an extended period.

Prevents Illnesses

Filth tends to come with illnesses. Thus, exercising in an unclean room puts you at risk of inhaling germs and contracting health issues.

Some germs that might be lurking in your workout area and exercise equipment are:

  • Salmonella – A gastrointestinal infection that may come with symptoms like diarrhea, fever, and vomiting.
  • Influenza – Commonly known as the flu, influenza is an airborne virus that can spread to the respiratory system when inhaled.
  • Rhinoviruses – A collection of viruses that may promote respiratory illnesses, like the common cold and breathing infections.
  • Staphylococcus saprophyticus – A bacteria that can cause urinary tract infections (UTIs).

Hence, it goes without question that you should keep your workout area clean to avoid contracting harmful pathogens. This importance strengthens if you’re exercising in a public gym.

Tell the gym staff to clean the area and equipment frequently. Consequently, you might want to bring a set of cleaning equipment, such as alcohol and clean towels, whenever you work out at your local fitness center. 

Promoting Proper Hygiene In The Exercise Space

Note that many exercise spaces don’t follow strict rules regarding proper hygiene. But, disobeying the guidelines might promote illnesses in the workout area.

So, here are some quick tips to help exercise in a clean space and devoid of harmful pathogens:

  • Bring a towel – A personal towel helps reduce sweat from latching onto the exercise equipment. It also creates a barrier between your body and the exercise equipment.
  • Wipe the equipment before using – Use a surface cleaner and some wipes before using gym equipment. Consider cleaning the items after using as a courtesy for the next user.
  • Clean the mat – Clean your fitness or yoga mat regularly. Thoroughly clean the mat at least once a week to ensure germs and other harmful substances don’t stick and breed in it.

Use these guidelines to help keep your workout space tidy and germ-free. Note that you can never be too safe when trying to maintain cleanliness in an exercise room.


Working out in a clean space allows you to breathe clean air. Moreover, the spotless space can help prevent illness and lets you maintain focus for each exercise. Clean the room and equipment regularly, or let authorized staff do it. Nonetheless, ensure that you always exercise in a tidy area to help maintain a healthy lifestyle.