Today, you can measure everything from your fat to your muscle percentage. But, which scales are best for your home? Here are 5 types of scales to consider.

There are many reasons you may need a scale in your home. From keeping your weight in check to measuring out your food, you may need to measure various aspects of your everyday life. In order to accurately measure these, you’ll need scales.

There are various types of scales each with an array of purposes that you may want for your home. These scales are made for different weights, materials, and items. Here are 5 scales you should look to have in your home.

1. Kitchen Scale

For the chef in your life, having a kitchen scale available could be a huge key. Kitchen scales help you measure quantities of food. This is hugely important when working with very specific recipes.

Kitchen scales are also important when counting macros. If you’re putting yourself through a diet, knowing exactly how much food you’re consuming and how many calories you’re taking in is vital. The kitchen scale is perfect for exactly that.

2. Weigh Pads

Though not necessarily useful for every family, weigh pads can be very useful if there is a trucker or mover in your family. Weigh pads are used to weigh vehicles, mainly trucks, in order to measure how much weight is being loaded up in the vehicle.

This weighing is especially important if you need to weight and move a lot of materials very quickly. This could happen during home moves or typical jobs. Regardless of the situation, it’s not a bad idea to have a weigh pad in your home.

3. Baggage Scale

When traveling, does your luggage always weigh in as too heavy, no matter how carefully you pack? Luggage scales are the perfect solution! Luggage scales are attached to your baggage and they are used to lift the baggage off the ground to test the weight.

If you have a luggage scale at home, a super simple process will instantly prevent you from ever going overweight when traveling again.

4. Bathroom Scale

A bathroom scale, also known as a body weight scale, is a must-have in every home. It is ideal for measuring body weight and helping you to keep track of your health.

With most American adults currently at obese weight levels, it is good to monitor your weight once a week or so. Be sure to step on that scale to keep track of where your fitness lies.

5. Animal Scales

Just as you may gain or lose weight, your pets will too! Animal scales look a lot like bathroom scales, but are much wider for our four-legged friends.

It is very important to monitor your pet’s weight, as it is indicative of its overall health. Be sure to buy an animal scale so you can see how your furry friend’s health is progressing.

Why Are There Different Types of Scales

Though having these many types of scales may seem unnecessary, it is important to note that each scale is calibrated and set up to monitor what it is meant to track. For example, a kitchen scale will give a much more exact weight than an animal scale.

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