Do you crave to lose weight without restrictive diet plans and strenuous exercises? You are not alone. Many individuals are seeking weight loss tips that minimally interfere with routine lifestyle. An effective weight loss surgery in Ardsley is one of the most efficacious weight-loss methods. Despite the “magical” tips for weight loss on the internet, we delve into methods that work without a complete overhaul of your lifestyle. It is important to note the tips herein are not quick-fix methods for weight loss.

1. Practice mindful eating

While many millennials despise families’ strict no phones policy during mealtime, it is beneficial to reducing body weight. Removing mobile phones and other distractions from your eating area allows you to focus on the food you are eating. Additionally, a good posture while eating enhances mindful eating. Mindful eating improves the way you ingest and digest your food. Mindful eating is one of the most effective approaches to curb problematic eating behaviors which contribute to weight gain.

2. Reduce stress

Emotional eating, which is a major culprit of weight gain, is caused by stress. Stress triggers glucocorticoids that increase your appetite and subsequent weight gain. Practicing self-care and de-stressing is a significant way to reduce body fat. Take more walks and connect with loved ones during your free time. The profound benefits of low-stress levels transcend perfect body weight and largely influence your overall health.

3. Bariatric surgery

Bariatric surgery or weight loss surgery is an umbrella term for surgical methods that alter digestive structures to impart weight loss. Gastric sleeve surgery and gastric bypass are the main types of bariatric surgery. The surgeon separates your tummy into two parts in a gastric sleeve operation and removes a larger part leaving a smaller part called a gastric sleeve. The sleeve makes you feel fuller and prevents additional food intake, and gradually you will notice losing body fat. Gastric sleeve surgery is a long-term efficacious weight-loss method.

Gastric bypass surgery entails a surgeon creating a small pouch hat that becomes your new stomach and joins it to the small intestines. The pouch achieves the same results as the gastric sleeve. However, individuals who opt for gastric bypass surgery show greater weight loss than their gastric sleeve counterparts.

Bariatric surgery is a delicate process that requires expert precision. The Wellness & Surgery center has renowned surgeons who practice effective bariatric surgery.

4. Get some zzz’s

A good night’s sleep increases your metabolism and improves fat breakdown. Get more than 6 hours of quality sleep every day to see some resolution to your weight problem.

5. Hydrate

Improved hydration ameliorates body metabolism and promotes weight loss. Sometimes your body confuses your thirst for hunger. A glass of water usually does the trick. Stay hydrated throughout the day to kick start natural weight loss.


If you want to lose weight without stringent dietary measures, put into practice the above tips to help you lose some body fat. If you are looking for these and more effective weight loss techniques, then Wellness & Surgery is your go-to center. Don’t let weight deny you the joys of life. Reach out today to schedule your appointment.