The start of a new hockey season is almost here. A new season means new hopes, new dreams, and limitless possibilities for your kids who are either starting or continuing their hockey journey. 

The new season also means new equipment. For first-timers, it’s like getting their first bike – a time they’ll never forget. For returning players, they might have gotten their first growth spurt over the summer and equipment that once fit them like a glove might now look a bit too small. If you’re in the market for some new equipment for your child, look no further. Here at United, we can help select the proper equipment for your child so they can have the best experience possible on the ice – whether they’re just starting their first season or if they’re looking to jump up a level for the first time. 

The best way to ensure your child gets the best possible fit is to visit our friendly hockey experts in-store! They can make sure your child gets all the proper gear with a proper fit. We can help fit your child with every essential piece of equipment they need for the season. We also offer Starter Kit discounts to make the new season more affordable.

When you visit us in-store, you can be assured that a friendly expert will walk you through every step of your fitting journey – all the way from the skates to the helmet. They will make sure your child gets physically fitted with every single piece of gear so you know it will fit properly. Maybe you find that your child fits a small elbow pad but requires a medium shoulder pad – that’s the kind of knowledge you can get with our in-store experts!

We also offer two different starter kit options that include multiple equipment pieces in the same size in one package.

Hockey is a lifelong journey for many kids, and the start of your child’s journey in the sport begins with the right equipment and friendly service from United Sport & Cycle.