The tale of BRAVÉ MMA AND FITNESS resonates deeply in the world of martial arts and fitness. It all started with Kenny Bhullar, whose beginnings with Tae Kwon Do at the young age of 9 revealed to him the intricate interplay between power and discipline. On the other hand, his brother KB’s entry into the realm of MMA at 14 laid the foundation for his unwavering dedication to a professional fighting career.

The essence of this place however, extends beyond just physical training. Recognizing that martial arts embrace a holistic philosophy emphasizing mental resilience and self-discipline, the gym stands as a sanctuary for imparting not just fighting techniques, but also the tools to push personal boundaries, tap into latent potential, and embrace the unfamiliar. The overarching mission is to cultivate a nurturing and all-encompassing space, fostering a community open to individuals of varying ages, backgrounds, and skill levels, with a shared dedication to continual learning and personal growth.

What They Offer

Their gym offers an array of classes tailored to diverse interests and skill levels. Whether someone is taking their first steps into the art of martial arts or are seasoned fighters aiming to elevate their abilities, the programs are designed to suit everyone”s unique journey. The dedicated and seasoned instructors collaborate with each member to craft a curriculum aligned with their specific requirements, driving them toward their personal goals.

At BRAVÉ MMA AND FITNESS, the belief is that martial arts is more than just a pastime; it’s a way of life. Inculcating discipline, focus, and unwavering determination, martial arts equips practitioners with qualities that extend well beyond the training mat and permeate every facet of their lives. The overarching mission is to guide people on a path to not only become more formidable fighters but also to evolve as more accomplished individuals.

For those prepared to embark on the first leg of their voyage towards unlocking their inner fighter, the invitation is warmly extended to join them at their gym. Let the journey begin, and let the profound power that martial arts can unlock within each individual be unearthed.

Family Training

At their facility, they take pride in being one of the few places that provide a class tailored exclusively for families to bond and train together. Recognizing the significance of family moments and the relentless hustle of everyday life, they’ve intentionally carved out a dedicated time slot for families to engage in shared physical activities. Now, there’s no need to compromise between spending quality time with loved ones and staying active.

Furthermore, they cherish the presence of children within their space, extending a warm invitation for kids to be part of the gym ambiance, encouraging them to join and observe other classes as well.

Classes for Everyone

Their comprehensive programming caters to individuals of all backgrounds and interests. From gi and no gi jiu-jitsu to muay thai kickboxing, boxing, MMA, and an array of strength and conditioning classes, they leave no stone unturned in offering a diverse range of options. With their seasoned and enthusiastic trainers, achieving your fitness targets becomes a tangible reality. Their inclusive approach spans across all demographics – accommodating individuals of varying ages with a spectrum of classes including co-ed and women’s only sessions. With this all-encompassing approach, there are truly no more excuses to not prioritize your fitness journey.

Certified Fitness Classes

At BRAVÉ MMA AND FITNESS, the fitness programming is comprehensive and diverse. Our array of programs is designed to target various aspects including strength, HIIT, flexibility, and mobility training. Drawing from Kenny’s extensive background as a personal trainer and former Goodlife manager, each program reflects his expertise and dedication. With over four years of certified training experience, he is committed to providing you with expert guidance and tailored routines, ensuring that you receive highly technical advice geared towards achieving your specific fitness goals.

About KB Bhullar

Renowned as a dominant force in the world of professional MMA, KB Bhullar has fearlessly battled opponents across the globe, showcasing his prowess at the highest echelons of the sport. Presently reigning as the top-ranked middleweight fighter in the nation, his journey began at the age of 13, immersed in the world of various martial arts disciplines. With over a decade of experience as a professional fighter, KB has amassed a wealth of expertise in boxing, Muay Thai, and Brazilian Jiujitsu. As the co-founder and Head Coach of BRAVÉ MMA AND FITNESS, he is poised to impart this rich tapestry of knowledge to students, inspiring them to reach their fullest potential in the world of combat sports.

About Kenny Bhullar

kenny bhullar practicing boxing

Kenny Bhullar’s journey encompasses a variety of experiences, beginning with his first-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and his ventures into the realms of MMA and kickboxing, alongside his global exploits in the competitive arena of Jiujitsu. Prior to his ventures in founding the BRAVÉ MMA AND FITNESS, Kenny fostered a robust expertise in team management and revenue growth within Canada’s corporate landscape, leaving a mark at major enterprises such as TELUS, GoodLife Fitness, and Postmedia (Edmonton Journal). Kenny’s business acumen, paired with his ability to forge meaningful connections, led him to co-found the 2nd Floor Podcast, serving as a platform for engagement with over 150+ global trailblazers, entrepreneurs, and creatives. Through this platform, he has led meaningful discussions on navigating the delicate balance between personal and professional success, showcasing his fervor for storytelling and fostering community connections.

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