Success isn’t just about what you accomplish in your life; it’s about what you inspire others to do. Being an inspiration to others plays a vital role in our world. It is rather tricky, but hard work is essential to achieve true success and accomplishments. Brittany O’Connor is no stranger to the idea of hard work, which has inspired so many people around her to achieve their goals. 

Coming from a divorced family, Brittany never thought her family was broken. She became the elder sister to her half-siblings and a coach and mentor to hundreds of young dancers. Her parents taught her how to fight for her health, career, and life. Her father has quadriplegia and fights daily to live a normal life, while her mother is a Wall Street woman who has fought hard to break through the glass ceiling. 

Growing up with such strong personalities empowered Brittany O’Connor to choose her career and become a ballerina even though she joined late. Today she is an expert ballet dancer, a philanthropist, a coach, and a mentor to young dancers worldwide. 

Even though she joined ballet much later in life than the norm, she became proficient in it and received a contract from one of the largest companies in Europe, the Dresden SemperOper Ballet. She excelled and refined her talent with the company and learned a lot of trade secrets which she applied in her professional life to become the best ballet dancer. 

Successfully transitioning to the commercial world and being casted and featured in various television shows like Glee, Glow, Another Period, Tango Mania, and The Morning Show was a great start. Brittany has also been a frequent cast member in the film world and has worked in films like The Gesture and The Word, Be the Light, Releve, and Ted 2. Click here to find her IMDB page and head on to look at more of her commercial portfolio. 

She was also a solo dancer and featured for PBS with Emmy award-winning flamenco guitarist Benise Moonlight Sonata. Her stunning performance was very well-received by the crowd, and she was hired as a guest artist, principal dancer, and choreographer for Andrea Bocelli World Tour. Her valentines day show was loved by the audience and was a full-house. She talks more about the tour in a podcast with Armen Way

To move forward with her passion for teaching and mentoring, Brittany became a master judge and coach for the largest internationally acclaimed ballet competition, Youth American Grand Prix. She has many loyal students under her wing and posts regularly on her Instagram account, congratulating them on their hard work and success. Brittany O’Connor has also built her mentoring programs for aspiring dancers of all ages and does her “Brittany Magic ” by instilling confidence and talent in them. She teaches them to understand their body and how it moves to dance better and give an engaging performance for the crowds. 

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