Following on from his recent success in leading Argentina to victory in the 2022 World Cup, PSG attacker Lionel Messi has certainly earned his label as the GOAT of football. Messi scored seven goals and three assists in the tournament and helped the team win for the first time in 32 years.

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Messi is alongside Pele and Ronaldo as one of the greats of his time. The 35-year-old is a very dedicated player and devotes all his time to improving his game and maintaining a peak level of fitness. This involves intense training, a special diet and great discipline.

But how does he do it? We look at how Messi’s diet, training and mentality has enabled him to transform into one of the most memorable and successful football players of our time:

How has Messi’s diet helped him to stay at the top of his game?

You won’t find Lionel Messi tucking into fast food, the player follows a very strict diet that has been developed by Italian nutritionist Giuliano Poser. Mediterranean foods are a big part of his regime and staples include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, olive oil, water, wholegrains, as well as lots of nuts and seeds.

Sugar and unrefined flour are considered to be detrimental to muscle maintenance and is discouraged in this diet. While meat is often a big part of Argentinian diet, Messi is advised by his nutritionist to avoid excessive meat consumption.

Although, one of the player’s favourite dishes is said to be the Argentinian meat dish roasted Asado. Enjoying such food is ok in his regime, as long as it is done in moderation.

Messi’s healthy diet is a key aspect in his maintaining his impressive level of fitness, he needs to be able to keep up with younger players on the pitch.

Intense training is also a huge part of Messi’s success

Messi is dedicated to his training but does not follow a schedule as rigid as Cristiano Ronaldo. The focus for this player is mostly on linear speed and maximum agility.

Following a steady warm up, Messi begins his workout with some pillar bridge front lifts, as well as lunges, pillar skips and hamstring stretches. After this, agility becomes the main focus and workout steps include hurdles, skipping ropes and other obstacles such as cones.

Drinking plenty of water and warming down for 10 or so minutes after an intense workout is important for maintaining health and preventing injury. Messi trains both individually and beside his teammates, which helps to boost morale and motivation.

He has developed a winning mindset

Every successful athlete knows that winning is not only achieved through physical strength and endurance but also through mental stamina, extreme focus and good general wellbeing. Messi is no exception to this and is very good at staying in control of his emotions.

The player is described by many in the industry as being humble. This does not mean that he is unaware of his great skill and success, however he maintains the belief that he can always do better and improve himself further.

When a teammate makes a big mistake in a game, it can be easy to lose your temper. This is not the case for Messi however, he is able to remain calm and level-headed even when the going gets tough.

He is confident in his decision making but still open to criticism, the player knows that arrogance can be blinding and often leads to complacency and ignorance. This mentality has stayed with him throughout his career and is shared by many of the top football stars.

While Lionel Messi will soon be approaching the end of his playing career, he is set to go down in history as the GOAT and will continue to provide guidance and inspiration for the young players making their way up the ranks.