Sometimes the biggest workout challenge isn’t getting out of bed and dragging yourself to the gym but maintaining that energy pump that got you there in the first place. Don’t worry; it always happens to the best of us. Unfortunately, energy depletion is pretty common with fitness, even for the most disciplined workout junkies and training athletes. That said, the next time it feels like you hit a wall amid your bench press sets, don’t just wallow in that feeling and sulk your way back into the blankets. Instead, try out these five approaches to learn how to stay energized in your circuit.

Staying Amped During Your Exercise

1. Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!

Whenever you feel knocked down, a peg or two during your workout session, drink it away, not literally, of course. Staying hydrated during your workouts will keep you excited. Dehydration is stated as a significant cause of fatigue and soreness, so you might want to stay ahead of this by ensuring you’re all watered up pre, during, and post your workout. Pack up a water bottle or your favorite protein shake to help you recharge during your activities.

2. Snack on it

Our bodies need something to burn off during the workout, so why not give it one? Prep a pre and mid-workout snack to sustain you. Light snacking when you’re exercising gives you an energy boost. Ensure you build your workout snack on easily digestible foods; carbs and fibers. Throw in some proteins and vitamins in your snack- put together a bowl of oats, Greek yogurt, nuts, and all your favorite fruits to beat that exhaustion.

3. Supplements intake

Feeling winded down, and you’ve barely gotten through your daily workout circuit? Consider taking mineral supplements for that extra energy boost. Apart from improving muscle function, minerals amp up athletic and mental performance. Calcium, potassium, caffeine, magnesium, and sodium are vital energy boosters. However, you might want to check in with your doctor for any imbalances and contraindications before infusing them into your diet.

4. Pack on macronutrients

Replenish your system by packing on foods rich in protein, fats, and carbs. Contrary to what you may think, carbs aren’t counterproductive to your exercise routine; if anything, they are essential. Eating carbs enhances your athletic endurance, whereas proteins and healthy fats are critical players in muscle building. Incorporating macronutrients into your daily diet ensures you’re eating right and fueling your body to match the workload you’re about to put it through. You might also want to switch your three-daily meals intake to four or five smaller portioned ones.

5. Listen to music

Scientific research has shown a close correlation between music and energy- I mean, why else would we have Zumba? Upbeat music has an uplifting effect on our bodies and minds; its consequently able to improve moods temporarily distracts you from the workout strain. Besides, who doesn’t feel urged to move their body anytime hip-hop, rock, or pop music tempo comes on? So don’t suppress yourself; let it rile you up to keep going.

Bottom line

Exhaustion is generally our bodies’ way of communicating with us. As much as our first response to burnout may be to fuel back up, your body needs a break at times. Keep in mind that you’re working with your body, not against it. So, consider giving yourself some time to recover whenever you feel run down amidst your workout session; a power nap or lazy day may be just what you need. Energy depletion can also look a little like famished, muscle cramping or fatigue; whichever the case, stay in tune with your body by giving it exactly what it needs. Fuel back up with foods your body requires, and take some days off that workout routine whenever necessary. These approaches will have you charged back up in no time.