There are times in life when you are facing some extreme lows in life, you feel that the only outlet you have is to start taking drugs. In such a case, remaining motivated is not easy. A single event or downfall can derail your progress towards recovery from substance abuse.

However, good things never come easy. Sobriety is indeed a difficult challenge that requires a lot of will and motivation. In recovery, motivation plays a vital role as it defines that you are willing to get yourself out of these compelling habits. In stages of early recovery, motivation may be high; you may know what and how things need to be done to remain sober. But with time, the level of this motivation, your idea of letting go of this lifestyle may fade.

In such a case, the main concern here is how you can keep yourself motivated to bring the change you wish. We bring you some beneficial tips that can keep you motivated towards your substance abuse treatment journey. 

1. Staying With The Recovery Community And Groups 

Joining a recovery center like Lantana Recovery helps you connect with people who are currently facing the same demons as yours. Staying in such an environment creates a support structure that will be helpful for someone who needs to find the motivation to break free. Group therapy gives you a different perspective of how things were for other people and how they came out of it.

However, if you feel this is not for you, you can look into other options as well. Numerous social media platforms encourage addicts to interact and meet with others going through similar struggles. These regular meetings act as a reminder towards how you can improve yourself and stay motivated towards recovery.

2. Keep Track Of Your Progress Through A Journal

With time, you may forget how difficult it once was for you to leave your substance abuse addiction. You may not remember how far you have come on your recovery journey. Losing track of where you come from and where you’re going can cause a serious lack of motivation.When you have no quantifiable data to know what you have been up to, you tend to underestimate or worse, overestimate yourself. 

It is essential to remind yourself how strong you are and how many battles with self you have managed to defeat. One way to record your progress is to keep a journal or a blog where you can talk to yourself and illustrate your journey. Setting a goal without tracking progress is like shooting arrows in the blind. Remind yourself of how far you have come and how far you still have to go. 

3. Devote Yourself To Community Services 

A famous quote reads, “To keep it, you need to give it away.” It means that you need to help others who are currently facing the same issues as you once did. You need to be there for others and give them the strength and hope they need toward recovery. 

Service work can vary for people. It could mean volunteering somewhere, being someone’s sponsor, telling people your story through lectures, and various more. The bottom line is, you need to give something to others so you can find ways to help yourself. 

Adopting healthy activities like exercise can help alleviate anxiety that you might feel on your journey of substance abuse recovery.  However, change comes from within. These activities, as mentioned above, may sound small, but they come with a more significant impact. They help you recall everything you have done and fought for. It gives you a chance to start again and live a life without any guilt.