Whether you’re looking to add a new piece of equipment to your home gym, or to replace an existing piece in your commercial gym or studio space, the Progression FT Max Functional Trainer stands out as a beacon of innovation and versatility. This cutting-edge machine caters to both home gym enthusiasts and personal trainers, offering a comprehensive, all-in-one solution that integrates the features of a smith machine, functional trainer, power cage, and more into a compact and space-saving unit.

Unlock Your Potential:

Whether you’re on a journey to enhance endurance, build strength, or sculpt muscular size, the FT Max opens the door to a world of possibilities. It accommodates a diverse range of preferences, from compound to isolation exercises, concentric to eccentric muscle actions, ensuring a customized workout experience tailored to your fitness goals.

All-in-One Solution:

Say farewell to the need for multiple machines cluttering your workout space. The FT Max Functional Trainer redefines home workouts by seamlessly combining a myriad of exercise options into one accessible machine. Embrace the benefits of a space-saving solution without compromising on the variety and intensity of your workouts.

Key Features:

Smith Machine:

  • Train safely at home without a spotter using the Smith Machine.
  • Commercial-grade guide rails ensure a smooth and frictionless lift.
  • Safety lock and release mechanism enhance confidence during squats, lunges, and more.

Power Rack:

  • 7’ Olympic bar and sturdy J-hooks for free weight barbell exercises.
  • Easily detachable and re-attachable J-hooks for stable and secure support.
  • Multiple height options facilitate a range of exercises.

Functional Trainer:

  • Versatile swiveling pulleys and adjustable height positions.
  • Train shoulders, arms, chest, back, core, and legs with fluid cable movement.
  • A plethora of attachments for a comfortable and safe workout environment.

Ergonomic Multi-grip Chin up / Pull Up Station:

  • Multiple handholds for pull-ups, chin-ups, wide grip pull-ups, and reverse grip pull-ups.
  • Designed for optimal muscle engagement, building strength using your body weight.

Dip Station:

  • Multi-grip dip station handles for diverse muscle targeting.
  • Adjustable grip width and multiple positions for varying intensity.
  • Option to incorporate power bands or additional weights.

Vertical Leg Press Plate (Optional Addition):

  • Enhance lower body workouts with supine leg presses and multiple stance variations.
  • Integrated smith machine allows for effortless bar lockout after completing each rep.

High-Quality Construction:

Built with commercial-grade durability, the FT Max ensures longevity and safety throughout your fitness journey. The heavy-duty design and high-quality materials make it a reliable piece of equipment for your home gym, bringing commercial-grade gym quality to the comfort of your home.

The Progression FT Max Functional Trainer is not just a machine; it’s a personalized fitness solution. With a range of adjustment positions, weight plate storage, and accessories, it offers a complete full-body strength training experience. Elevate your home gym experience with the Progression FT Max – where innovation meets performance.

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