First of all “ ITS OK and YOU are not alone” As a trainer I get approached usually first by someone that says “ I need to loose weight” This usually stirs up conversation that usually leads to a consultation and then training. Which is great. However the frustrations of having a trainer financially and dealing with the struggles of weight loss in a short enough time sets in and clients become frustrated and want to quite. Early in my training days I witnessed this a lot.

I stepped back and would chat to my clients asking what are your expectations? if you attend 1 training session a week what are you doing the other 6days a week to support your training? Were your stresses and struggles?

Soon after I asked these questions we would chat and I realized majority of people had a trainer thinking it would be like the biggest looser. However what they didn’t understand that training can’t be just another appointment in your day. Nor is it like biggest looser.

Adopting a healthy life style is a choice and a trainer can help provide you guidance to achieving this. Once you adopt a healthy life style you will have the positive mind-set, attain your goals and feel great about it. As a trainer this is what I see as a success. What a client tells me today I could do something I never could before. That is success and everyone has the struggles of weight loss and story to that point.

What is a healthy life style: A healthy life style is something that is sustainable. It is a way of living with a balanced diet, mind and body. Its not a fad diet or the latest “hot” workout. It is on-going and always changing with your goals and development. It is something everyone can accomplish and should strive towards.

My clients all wanted this life style but had no idea how to create it. They all shared similar goals they wanted to better their life. They just didn’t know how. People sometimes just don’t know that X is better choice then Y or if you do A then B will happen. I made it my goal to try and teach people ways of adopting a healthy life style. Provide them with knowledge to be able to live healthy day to day.

Help them understand It takes time, patience, and consistency. Everyone’s journey and goals are different so stop comparing and just keep sticking to your plan.

As a trainer sometimes you need to steer your clients to seek extra help with the struggles of weight loss, to help them a long their journey. They might need help of a dietitian or a physiologist because it takes more than a trainer to overcome barriers. Just as a professional athlete is striving for a goal it takes a team to help them reach their goals, it takes a support system, and a positive outlook. Being an athlete I realized how important my support system and team of trainer (physiologist, therapist, coaches) were. I thought to myself everyone needs this. Sure my goal might be Olympics but their goal of weight loses is just as important to them as my goals. They need a support team.

I try to provide my clients now with a team. A group of professionals that can all work and communicate together to help better ones life. Eventually I hope to have a center where we can offer personal training, phycology, and have a dietitian with a teaching kitchen available. This was we can coach people through all aspects of their lives teaching them and showing them how to life a health lifestyle.

“Determined to motivate, teach and inspire other to lead a positive healthy lifestyle”

Author Bio:

Leanna Carriere– Can-Fit Pro personal trainer since 2004, currently finishing Nait diploma coarse, Fitness administrator and personal trainer at Royal Glenora club, National track and field athlete