Insomnia is one of the most insidious health conditions out there. People who can’t get the sleep they need often wind up with a host of knock-on issues in their lives, from poor job performance to inability to function in relationships. 

We really need our sleep. And when we don’t get it, it can have massive repercussions for everything else that we do during regular, waking hours. 

What’s more, the more we think about the fact that we can’t sleep, the more pressure we put on ourselves to do so. Often we can spend all night lying awake purely because we’re so worried about how our insomnia is going to affect the next day. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. 

There are, however, some bizarre and frankly extraordinary ways you fight back against this nightmare health condition. You don’t have to live your life in an exhausted daze. Falling into a deep sleep is something the vast bulk of people can achieve. 

Focus On Relaxing Your Muscles

Researchers think that people get insomnia when their minds find something to focus on that causes them to worry – including the lack of sleep itself. The trick, therefore, seems to be to redirect the mind towards something positive that distracts it long enough to switch off. 

It sounds a little strange in theory, but the way that it works in practice is remarkably simple. 

Start by relaxing the muscles in your feet and calves. Then move up to your thighs, abdominals and chest. After that, focus on the shoulders, neck and face. 

During this process, you should notice that a profound sense of relaxation comes across your body. Muscles cease feeling stiff, and for once, you’re not worrying about insomnia itself. 

Be sure to carry out this process slowly. It should take at least ten minutes. Throughout it all, you’re aiming to shut down the parasympathetic nervous system and create the conditions necessary for sleep

Go To Your Acupuncturist

Acupuncture seems to have bizarre benefits for the body – and nobody is entirely sure why. One theory is that it activates the body’s repair systems, helping to create both relaxation and balance. 

Now, many doctors recognise the fact that acupuncture is an excellent remedy for chronic insomnia. Something about the practice helps to reset the body and mind, making it easy to cope with the challenges of life. What that is, exactly, remains to be determined. 

Tell Yourself That It Is Morning

If you’re really struggling to get to sleep, you can try convincing yourself that it is already morning. Again, this sounds like a strange idea, but it can work wonders. You can actually lie to your unconscious to stop it from worrying about losing sleep. If you can convince it that it is normal already, it gives up stressing about losing sleep – it’s a lost cause. Then, ironically, you often find that it is easier to get the rest you need. 

If you’re currently experiencing insomnia, don’t give up hope. Beating it is entirely possible.