Are you prepared to push your boundaries and conquer an unparalleled obstacle course? Join us for the Zulu Challenge, an electrifying event blending military-style obstacles with exciting “survivor surprises” along the route. This isn’t merely a race; it’s a day brimming with excitement, camaraderie, and the ultimate examination of your physical and mental prowess!

Why Embrace  Zulu Challenge?

  • The Pinnacle of Adventure: Take on our demanding 5km course featuring up to 24 obstacles, meticulously crafted to test your limits.
  • Unity in Action: Venture forth TETHERED to your tribe, adding a distinctive twist to the challenge and ensuring an unforgettable journey.
  • Inclusive for All: Our Zulu Kids Challenge offers tailored courses for ages 4-13, guaranteeing that every young adventurer can partake in the thrill and earn their well-deserved medal.
  • Four-Legged Friends Welcome: The Zulu K9 Challenge invites you and your furry companion to conquer the course together, forging cherished memories and strengthening your bond.

Zulu Challenge Overview

Zulu Challenge Adults – This 5km 24 obstacle challenge is unlike any other. Here we TETHER you to your team with a harness. Start together, finish together. The person you bring along is someone you will depend on and vice versa . Want to see how you and your squad would manage? You will know within the first 2km.. If you come alone, no problem, we will tether you to someone else who comes alone. Get ready to meet your new BFF… Join us, come see why we are the ultimate adventure.  Ages 14 and maximum in your team, bring everyone along.

Zulu Kids Challenge – Edmonton’s largest outdoor kids adventure outside organized sports. Category as follows:

  • 11-13yrs 3km with 24 obstacles
  • 8-10yrs 2km with 24 obstacles
  • 4-7yrs 1km with 20 obstacles (some kids under 4yrs with developed motor skills can participate *conditional*)

Difficulty increases with each age category. Kids can participate alone or as a group (not tethered). We allow one parent to shadow along but cannot help. This is their challenge to overcome. Medals handed ONLY at the finish line.. there are *NO PARTICIPATION MEDALS*

Zulu K9 Challenge – Perhaps the only event of its kind in Canada. This 5km 20 obstacle event, you will be sharing  with your ultimate companion, you pooch. All breeds, all ages welcome. (mandated hands free leash and harness. Mandated muzzle for protective dogs)..You are your dog’s best friend all his/her life. This will be one of the memories you will both carry.

Join the Adventure!

Seize the opportunity for a lifetime of memories. Rally your tribe, leash up your canine companion, and prepare to conquer the Zulu Challenge on June 8th. Follow us on Facebook for the latest updates and to connect with our extraordinary community.

ENTER NOW and be part of the thrill! See you at our Start/Finish line