Of all the forms of Liver diseases ‘fatty liver’ is one of the most prevalent in the western world. The most common cause of Fatty liver disease is the abuse of alcohol (binge drinking). It is also caused by either hepatitis C or B. The accumulation of fatin the liver (Steatosis) if not diagnosed or treated, usually leads to Cirrhosis. By the time Cirrhosis manifests, its symptoms make the patient weak and in a very uncomfortable position.

When the liver is injured, it loses its ability to heal itself. Fortunately, research shows that CBD can relieve pain and deal with inflammation. Moreover, CBD restores liver functionality.

How Fatty Liver Disease Progresses

The liver is the largest organ inside the body. It cleans the blood, produces vital nutrients, and detoxifies harmful substances. It is easy to see why it is one of the most essential organs in your body. Additionally, a healthy liver can heal itself through the regeneration of cells. However, if an injury is too severe, it loses the ability to regenerate. Instead, it generates scar tissue or ’Fibrosis’; this is the initial stage of ailment.

Cirrhosis is the last stage, whereby healthy cells and tissues of the liver are outnumbered by scar tissue. Consequently, the liver does not carry out its functions properly. Cirrhosis leads to symptoms like tiredness, weakness, lack of appetite, itchiness, and yellowing of the skin; all of which make life hard. Research into Cannabis has revealed that CBD can not only help with dealing with the symptoms but also deal with the root cause of liver disease.

CBD and the Endocannabinoid System

The Endocannabinoid system(ECS) is an extensive grid of receptors likeCB1 and CB2. ECS is located through the brain, organs, and the central nervous system. Combined, they constitute the signaling system that maintains health and balance behind every physiological process. In this process, CB receptors bind with Endocannabinoids, which are produced in our bodies.

Liver disease grows when there are inefficiencies in the ESC system. The cannabinoids in CBD products are nature’s best supplement for shortages in the Endocannabinoid system.

CBD and the Liver

According to a research by recognized website CBD Trust, it shows that Endocannabinoid found in CBD products can benefit people living with liver diseases such as Cirrhosis and Fibrosis. CBD helps in regulating inflammatory response and vascular changes.

In a study on mice, it was found that CBD induces apoptosis Hepatic stellate cells (HSCs). HSCs bring about scar tissue, which CBD kills. These malignant cells lead to liver disease. Even if the same research was not replicated on to a human test subject, the results are quite encouraging, considering the outcome. In one study, to induce liver fibrosis, mice were injected with a saline substance. They were then treated with CBD. At the end of the research, it was discovered that Endocannabinoids restored liver functions as well as normalized brain functions. CBD works well for not only the liver but also the brain, bringing healing naturally and holistically.

Nonetheless, there are still some naysayers of CBD Oil on fatty liver, mostly because analyses of its effects are scant. Moreover, research with little funding results in biased results. CBD has a whole host of derivatives. It is common to find too CBD quantity in a package that is either high or low, more so when purchased in the black market. People do not know which element worked really in stemming fatty liver disease.

To Sum It Up

There exists glowing testament from (few) clinical studies, praise, and admiration from the people who were suffering but currently do not because they put some trust in CBD’s treatment. Cannabis has remained classified as a schedule 1 with no medical value by the United States government and nearly every government on earth, even when science speaks differently.

The good news is that CBD oil products are legal. However, there is still negative connotation that comes with anything associated with Marijuana. It is a daunting task convincing some people there are benefits to be drawn from this cannabis and its derivatives. Perhaps when we get to figure out how to inform and educate everybody on the healing powers of CBD, will everyone suffering from liver disease find relief.