If you’ve ever seen a volcano erupt, you know that it is as mesmerizing as horrific. But that’s not where the magic ends. The lava that is left behind is even better!

Lava Clay, also known as Volcanic Clay or Bentonite Clay is a mixture of the ashes left behind by the lava and water. These ashes are highly rich in nutrients and minerals. Of course, they come from under the surface of the earth with all the goodness packed in.

If used correctly, lava clay is amazing for the hair and skin. Here are 4 benefits you can get out of lava clay.

  1. It’s a Great Way to Deep Cleanse

Your hair and skin suffer from most issues due to the gunk that finds homes in your pores. Luckily, lava clay has the power to pull out all the unwanted dirt. The natural ashes can cleanse your skin and scalp without drying it out.

This one benefit leads to several others. Firstly, a deeply cleansed skin will give you a natural glow. A clean scalp will prevent dandruff and hair fall. On top of that, your skin will feel soft, clean, and tight. This means you can say goodbye to wrinkles. Lava clay is also excellent to prevent unusual breakouts since the dirt that causes them is cleaned off your skin. A clarified scalp can produce healthy oils to keep your hair strong and shiny too.

  1. It Provides Hydration

One amazing thing about lava clay that you probably won’t get in other products is that it keeps your skin hydrated despite the deep cleanse. Usually, most cleansers that can go so deep into the skin extract all the good oils too. However, lava clay doesn’t do that.

Lava clay is great for all skin types. It absorbs the excess oils but also hydrates dry and flaky skin. This makes it ideal especially for aging skin. These properties boost collagen production and give an overall fresh look to dry and dull skin. Hydration is also necessary for the hair to keep them frizz-free and shiny.

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  1. It Possesses Softening Properties

Who doesn’t want soft skin and hair?

With the regular use of lava clay, you can get both. Its exfoliating properties get rid of the rough skin patches. This leaves your skin looking and feeling clear, smooth, and soft. All you should know is how to use a clay mask. As for your hair, the lava clay enriches each hair strand with its softening properties. The moisture and nutrients make the hair healthier than ever.

Moreover, lava clay restores elasticity. This helps both, the hair and your skin, feel softer.

  1. It Helps Maintain Equilibrium

Did you know that almost every part of your body has a different pH level? Your hair strands require a different pH than your scalp. Similarly, your skin has unique needs too.

To maintain this equilibrium, you should ideally be using at least 3 to 4 different products. If you don’t want to go through all that hassle, opt for lava clay. It has the natural ability to maintain equilibrium wherever it is used. Since it can control the production of sebum on the surfaces where it is applied, it automatically leaves your skin balanced.

The Takeaway

You’ll have to use the lava clay regularly to see noticeable results. With balanced, softer, hydrated, and cleansed skin and hair, you’ll notice a visible difference in your look within weeks.

So go ahead and get your hands on this magical clay right away!