So you want to buy an eBike, but you’ve still got some reservations? Maybe you’re worried about the cost to buy one? The cost to maintain one? Or even just how it works in general? These are all valid concerns, but with our help, you can cut through the fog and make a decision on eBikes that are perfect for you and will last you a long time!

The price:

We’ll address the elephant in the room first. Yes, eBikes do cost more than their non-electric counterparts. But that extra cost does come with extra features! Pedal-assist is the main draw – the extra electric power provided by the motor can give you the perfect boost whether you’re running errands or simply cruising down the bike path on an evening ride. The extra upfront cost gets you an investment into biking as a whole – the pedal assist can help match the ease and efficiency of commuting or running errands with a car. With these extra features, you can turn biking into a bigger and more fulfilling part of your life than it ever was in the past!


You might be hesitant to buy an eBike because of its more sophisticated technology. What if something goes wrong – will anyone be able to help with repairs? The answer is yes! As eBikes have become more prevalent, more and more shops have been able to start offering servicing – including ours! We can service many different types of eBikes so you can spend more time pedaling and less time worrying.


eBikes aren’t just for cruising the streets and sidewalks, though. If you want to climb a mountain with electric power, you can! There is a growing selection of mountain eBikes on the market that can tackle the toughest trails just like a traditional mountain bike. In fact, mountain eBikes offer some distinct advantages over traditional mountain bikes: the pedal assist is great for riders who want to tackle steep uphill trails while trying to maintain their energy.


You might be worried about an eBike leaving you high and dry. In the same way you’d be stranded if your car ran out of gas, could you be stuck if your battery died? Never fear because the answer is no! even if your battery dies in the middle of your ride you can still use the pedals like you would a regular bike. Also, many eBikes have more battery range than you might think, with some being able to last up to 120 KM between charges! And if you’re worried about your battery life, many eBikes offer a range of display options so you can monitor how much charge you have left in real-time!

Now that we’ve busted some common myths, do you think you’re ready to jump in? If the answer is yes, come visit us either in-store or online! Our experts can help you get fitted, equipped, and ready to ride! You can even take a spin around our indoor test ride track! So, what are you waiting for? Supercharge your summer riding with an eBike today!

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