Yoga is a physical, mental and, in some cases spiritual activity that promotes relaxation of the mind and body. First started and practiced in India as a form of exercise, yoga is now popularized all over the world and is seen as an effective method to burn calories, lose weight and calm the mind and body. It is also considered a natural way to ease anxiety and stress.

Although yoga is a popular trend and choice for many who seek relaxation, still there are alternatives that you can try if you would like to expand your choices. Here are 5 best alternatives to yoga that can effectively beat stress and anxiety.

1. Add meditation to your routine
Meditation is a well-known means to deal with stress and anxiety. What yoga does physically to the body – relieving tension and stress – meditation can do to the mind. How does this ancient way of clearing the mind and relieving stress help you exactly?

Scientists have discovered that meditation actually increases the amount of grey matter in the brain. The components of these are responsible for managing the stress levels of the brain. Needless to say, regular meditation can compensate the level of grey matter that you brain needs to overcome stress and anxiety. Plus, being able to clear your mind is adamantly effective for relaxation.

2. Get some exercise
Physical outlet is seen as an effective way to decrease stress and anxiety in your emotions. For some people, a form of stress reliever can be boxing or training for different forms of martial arts. For others, any form of exercise can already be an effective stress reliever.

It’s easy to see how exercise can help with releasing the tension and anxiety that can build up in the body. Doctors highly recommend exercise because it promotes health and fitness which makes you become more confident with yourself. Exercise also increases the production of positive chemicals inside the brain, and it releases toxic chemicals that can bring stress to your mind.

3. Take nootropics
Predominantly recommended by many professionals, nootropic are effective in dealing with stress and anxiety whether it is long running or for you daily work life. Nootropics address a wide variety of stress and anxiety, and it actually prevents tension that can lead to mental health conditions.

Nootropics improve your mood and daily outlook. According to studies, there are different types of nootropics and each one addresses a specific type of anxiety and emotion. Of course, like with other medications, you should know the right usage and dosage to ensure that you are getting the right benefits.

4. Get enough sleep
Most stress and anxiety stem from tiredness and lack of sleep. Not surprisingly, lack of sleep can drastically change a person’s attitude and how they socialize with others. Not getting enough rest can lead to irritability and inability to concentrate, which will directly affect a person’s stress and anxiety levels.

Therefore, the best way to overcome stress and anxiety, especially if they were caused by excessive tiredness and not having enough hours to rest, is to get the right hours of sleep. Studies show that adults 20 years old and above should at least have 6 to 8 hours of rest and sleep in order for the brain to function mindfully and to avoid anxiety.

5. Eat right and try relaxing
Another common cause of stress and anxiety is the lack of food. Food has, in many ways, proven that it can resolve stress and anxiety too. Eating healthy is a form of detox. When it comes to stress and anxiety, eating healthy can clean out toxic chemicals in the blood and brain that can cause stress.

When seeking relaxation, the best way is to simply relax and pause any of the thoughts that you are contemplating about. Clear the mind and release the tension from the body so you can relax.

When dealing with stress, especially when it becomes a regular thing, it is highly advisable to have alternatives. Otherwise, you may lose motivation and drive to remove the stress and tension from your body, and this can lead to other negative effects. Having several ways to deal with stress can make it more effective and allow you to live a more peaceful life.

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