Little is known, but tennis is a sport with one of the highest numbers of injuries among sportsmen. Since tennis is a demanding sport, tennis injuries are often a result of that intensity. Luckily, most injuries can be minimized or even prevented, which is why it is always great to be familiar with them. Here are the most common tennis injuries and quick tips on how to treat them.

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is something that many tennis players experience during their careers. In fact, this injury is so common that people don’t see it as an injury, but as a mandatory part of the tennis experience. Shoulder pain occurs when overworking happens while playing. Although this type of injury is pretty often, medical professionals advise tennis players to have regular check-ups and even ask a shoulder surgeon what are the best options when the pain is too intense and when elbow surgery is not only necessary but the best way to deal with pain.

Tennis Elbow

This is an injury reserved for tennis players solely. Tennis elbow occurs when the joint and tendon of the elbow are overworked. Tennis, just like other racket sports, comes with a lot of stress through every single match, and if the player missed resting tennis elbow will happen. This is why frequent breaks are mandatory.

Knee Pain

Another injury that many tennis players are facing daily is knee pain. This is not an injury solely reserved for tennis players but in most sports. In tennis, keep pain occurs because tennis players put a lot of stress on the knees. How? By continually changing directions so they can hit the ball. Once the pain occurs players should rest, place ice, and rest.

Ankle Sprain

An ankle sprain is caused by the constant pressure that occurs throughout a game. While players are running they are changing directions which leads to players straining, tearing, and very often rolling their ankles. This is why players always aim to wear high-quality shoes specially made for tennis.

Back Stress Fracture

Too much serving can be an issue in tennis, and it will usually lead to a back stress fracture. The lower back is continually under pressure as it suffers a strong and consistent tension that eventually puts a lot of stress on that area. To prevent back stress fractures, players should master their serving technique, which is why this condition is common for new players. Players must rest for six weeks to heal correctly when back stress fractures.

Three Tips On How To Avoid Injury In Tennis

Since this sport requires a certain set of skills, such as complete body participation, strength to run, great positioning, and an amazing swing, tennis also requires an overall great physique and a specific mindset. Here are three tips to avoid injury in Tennis.