Having bariatric surgery is a severe measure many take to lose weight. Although the surgeries include a lot of dangers, they can be quite helpful in aiding people in losing weight and enhancing their overall health. The number of vitamins and minerals lost from our bodies due to dehydration, vomiting, and diarrhea is one of the drawbacks of bariatric surgery. That’s why eating correctly is crucial. Additionally, serving as connective tissue, collagen aids in your body’s natural recovery from surgery. This is why it’s crucial to take collagen supplements after bariatric surgery. Here’s why:

Improvement in Skin Elasticity and Thickness

A type of protein called collagen is present in every body cell. It helps to form connective tissues and gives skin elasticity and thickness. After bariatric surgery, collagen production slows because the body does not get the nutrients from food intake. Collagen supplements increase your body’s collagen levels, which will help you recover from gastric bypass surgery faster and reduce any associated symptoms.

Skin laxity, characterized by loose skin on substantial portions of the body, is a risk that can arise following bariatric surgery. (e.g., arms and legs). This can be caused by weight loss and may affect both men and women. Collagen supplementation can help improve the appearance of this loose skin. When taken orally, collagen supplements are absorbed directly into the bloodstream, from where they travel around the body to work at repairing damaged tissue or building new tissue in areas where it has been lost through weight loss following bariatric surgery.

Hair Growth

To keep healthy hair follicles, collagen is essential. Every hair follicle’s skin surrounding it contains it. Collagen levels around the hair bulb thicken as the hair grows. as the hair follicle enters the resting stage, it gradually becomes thinner. Stress, unlike a collagen deficiency, is probably causing hair loss following bariatric surgery. Pressure is produced in the body as a result of both the operation procedure and the subsequent low-calorie intake and quick weight reduction. More hair strands may enter the resting phase than usual due to stress; these strands will eventually come out three to four months later. As soon as the underlying cause of hair loss is treated, hair begins to regrow, albeit it may take several months before it reaches its pre-hair loss thickness.

Decreased Inflammation

An expected aspect of the body’s healing process is inflammation. However, when it becomes chronic, it can cause many problems, including pain and swelling. One of the ways collagen helps fight inflammation is by reducing cytokines and other inflammatory mediators. It does this by supporting the body’s natural processes, which are essential for optimal health. Taking collagen helps to keep your gut healthy, which is necessary for many reasons.

Bariatric surgery can cause a lot of inflammation in your body. This can lead to many adverse side effects, including increased cancer risk and other diseases. The good news is that taking collagen after bariatric surgery can help prevent these adverse side effects from occurring in the first place!

Improvement of Joint and Back Pain

Joint and back pain are common after bariatric surgery. Collagen is a natural supplement that can help relieve joint pain and strengthen connective tissue and bones. This is especially needed after bariatric surgery, as the stomach is smaller after the procedure, and your body needs more nutrients to help heal.

Collagen is also suitable for joint health because it helps create flexibility in joints damaged by obesity or other conditions. Your body’s ability to walk without experiencing pain from strained joints or ligaments largely depends on how much collagen you have in it. Collagen also helps promote healthy bone growth, which is essential for supporting a healthy spine.

Help in Wound Healing and Scar Tissue Formation

Wound healing and scar tissue formation are vital to the recovery process after bariatric surgery. The surgery is invasive and can leave you with deep cuts and incisions in your abdomen, which can be prone to infection. To reduce the risk of disease, patients are advised to avoid taking aspirin or ibuprofen for up to one year following surgery.

Collagen is a protein that promotes wound healing and scar tissue formation, so taking collagen supplements after bariatric surgery may help your body recover from its injuries more quickly. Some surgeons also use collagen injections for their post-operative care for bariatric surgery patients. Still, these injections often come with side effects such as pain and inflammation at the injection site.

Taking collagen supplements instead of injections may offer some health benefits without the associated risks.

Improves Muscle Mass & Strength

If you consider taking collagen after bariatric surgery, you may love to consider whether or not it will help improve muscle mass and strength. Loss of strength and muscle mass is a common side effect of bariatric surgery that, if addressed, can cause major health issues. Fortunately, collagen can help by giving your body the nutrition it requires to restore and rebuild lost muscle tissue, which can help to tackle this condition.

Collagen also helps to keep your bones strong. When you have bariatric surgery, your body loses bone mass at a higher rate than usual due to a lack of nutrients from the food you eat. Taking collagen can help prevent bone loss and increase bone density, which can help prevent osteoporosis after gastric bypass surgery.

Less Possibility of Stretch Marks

Bariatric surgery often results in stretch marks. Although they can happen anywhere on the body, the abdomen and breasts are where they most frequently show up. Stretch marks can be caused by skin stretching over time or rapid weight gain or loss. However, collagen can help prevent stretch marks from appearing after gastric bypass surgery. Collagen is a protein that gives skin elasticity, which means it can stretch without breaking. Taking collagen may help keep your skin elastic and prevent stretch marks from forming as your body changes shape after surgery.

Final Thoughts

While we can’t claim that collagen supplements will help you in every single way, several key benefits should be considered when deciding whether or not to use collagen after bariatric surgery. Collagen supplements will likely improve your hair and nail health, boost your immunity, and reduce the common post-op side effect of dryness. These are all changes worth making.