The macro diet plan is one of the most popular methods for weight loss and muscle gain. By following the correct ratio of macronutrients, you can eat whatever you want as long as you meet your nutritional requirements.

To learn more about macros and how they can help you get fit, check out these five helpful tips!

1. Start Breaking down the Foods You like to Eat

Everyone has their particular favorite foods, but you may not be aware of what nutrients will be helpful to your macro diet plan. To see how your favorite foods can help your goals, you need to break them down and see whether most of the calories come from protein, fat, or carbs.

For those interested in building up muscles, you should stick to a daily diet of 25% fat, 35% carbs, and 40% protein. Root vegetables, rice, and pasta are examples of carb-heavy foods. Fat-heavy foods would be oils, nuts, and avocado while meat, soy, and eggs would be considered protein-heavy.

2. Consider Using an App to Meet Your Macro Diet Plan

While knowing how to measure your food macros yourself is useful, many people rely on a variety of macro tracker apps to help keep them on goal. Many apps have features like a barcode scanner to break down products before you buy them, as well as large databases with macro information on a variety of food. You can even communicate with other friends or workout partners to help keep yourself motivated.

3. Make Sure to Keep Your Macro Diet Plan Interesting

While it can be tempting to eat the same macro meals day in and day out, it can get boring and even depressing to have no variations in diet. By switching your proteins, carbs, and fats around, you can get the benefits of more fiber and different vitamins. Macro diet plans allow you to eat your desired cuisine without feeling guilty or sacrificing your appetite for variety.

4. Use Bowls and Containers to Make Your Measuring Easy

For those who bring their lunch or want to have a macro-friendly snack available should make intelligent use of containers. Consider using ramekins and other small bowls to keep your food organized and presentable. This will help ensure that you keep to your macro diet plan while helping you avoid judgemental stares while you eat.

5. Figure out What Works Best for You

While the ratio mentioned earlier is a good baseline for many people on a macro diet plan, keep in mind that you may need to play with the percentages to get it right for you. Each person has different needs regarding carbs, fats, and proteins, mainly depending on what goals you’re trying to achieve.

If you are trying to lower your blood sugar levels as well as lose some weight, you will need to eat 35% protein, 35% carbs, and 30% fat. If you are trying to achieve ketogenesis, you will need much more fat and far fewer carbs. Keep your goals in mind and figure out what works best for you.

Make Your Macro Diet Plan Fun!

Eating a macro diet plan is a popular way to eat what you like, lose weight, and get in shape. To learn more about ways to get started, check out Yeg Fitness today!