Studying at college or university is challenging. It might even take more time than a full-time job. That’s why it is important to develop management skills. One of the key parts of being a great student is to be healthy and productive. That’s why it is important to exercise (and you can get a great boxing workout by using a free standing punching bag. Physical activity endorses cognitive functions, reduces stress and helps to feel better in general. One might think that it is impossible to find time for fitness routine while in college, but it is not so. After all, it is quite possible to combine your workout routine with studying. One just needs to follow these 5 tips to stay healthy while being academically successful.

1. Take advantage of your routes

The easiest way to stay fit is to walk a lot. It is often recommended to do 10,000 steps per day at least. But it will be even better if you make it up to 15,000-17,000 per day. And there is no need to set extra hour for it, just skip the bus. Get up a bit earlier and walk to lectures or library. Walking is the most efficient exercise for any type of body and fitness level. If you are afraid to be late, there is another alternative – a bicycle.  Riding a bike is great cardio. Needless to say, it is eco-friendly and budget-efficient. So there are no actual downsides to it. And these types of exercises do not require a separate schedule.  Just turn your normal route to a fitness activity.

2. Study in the Gym

This might sound crazy, but it is actually possible. If you are a gym lover, there is an opportunity to combine this activity with learning to find time for fitness. The easiest way is to listen to audiobooks or podcasts while doing workout. Physical activity will increase blood pressure. The oxygen will get to one’s brain faster and it will be easier to learn. One can also take a book or printed out study materials to the gym. For example, when doing cardio like a stationary bike or elliptical, one can place the materials in front of them and read at the same time. The only thing is not to be too harsh on exercising at the same time. Combine it with a mid-level physical activity.

3. Do exercises at your Desk

For those, who do not go to the gym, there is a set number of exercises that can be done while sitting at one’s desk. They are as efficient as other ones and require less time to set everything up. What are these workouts? There are many of them, such as:

  • Chair squats (stand up from a chair and squat halfway)
  • Leg exercises with resistance bands;
  • Use a fitness ball instead of a traditional chair;
  • Do leg planks while sitting, etc.

Those are just several examples. There are also many ways to stretch out and get the blood pumping while studying. One can do them as a relaxing 15 minutes between study hours. It is recommended to do pauses every hour or two to get the brain rest. It will increase cognitive activity. So why not to take advantage of that time and do some fitness?

Moving ahead, we can consider various reasons why we usually skip doing any exercises or activities. There is a significant number of them, like laziness, problems with health, etc. However, the most fundamental cause is rather clear-just lack of desire to find time for fitness. Sometimes, you feel so busy that even move to the nearest shop to buy some food is a severe problem. Students, predominantly those who simultaneously study and work part-time, always have no time for anything.

On the one hand, it is refreshing and developing; it is a total disaster to be on time with every single subject. What to do?

Well, lots of the students use some academic assisting services that do all the routine tasks for the students for a reasonable payment. If you google for a while, you can find different services performing all the tasks within the shortest period. Even having finished university, lots of people still apply for such services such as other academic help, so why not to search in the net a piece of information regarding such a notion? Well, as for the physical activities, as well as during a studying process, performing any actions is more pleasant with somebody motivated as well.

4. Find a Buddy

It is much easier to stay motivated when there is another person with you. Find a friend or classmate that is interested in fitness too. Try to exercise together; it will be both good for mental and physical health. And you can share knowledge while doing it. Or train exam questions together. Fitness buddy will help you to stay focused and not to skip exercises.

5. Split fitness routine to short breaks

One probably couldn’t find time for fitness during finals or working on a project. The good thing is each minute of an exercise counts. So there is actually no need to do a whole training at one time. Use breaks that you already have in your schedule and exercise for 10 or at least 15 minutes. For example, after breakfast, before classes, after a lecture, etc. there are probably times that one spends scrolling Instagram. Well, do it together with ad lifts!


Fitness is not as hard as it seems. And staying fit is essential for our health and well-being. Try to combine study and exercise and you will instantly feel better. Physical activity helps to feel good, study better and sleep well.