Breakfast is arguably the most important meal of the day, and for morning people, breakfast without at least a few cups of coffee isn’t fathomable. In fact, coffee is the most popular drink in Canada. Drinking coffee helps them kick start their day. For some people, coffee provides the highest amount of antioxidants in their diet, outranking both vegetables and fruits combined. Check out these best espresso machine under $200. To make your coffee drinking even more fun, here are some awesome healthy coffee drinks you should try today.

1. Spicy Coffee

Coffee, in itself, isn’t harmful to your health. But by adding a lot of sugar, you can quickly turn it into something unhealthy. With that said, try sweetening your cup of coffee with some spices. Spices have antimicrobial properties that fight off bacteria.

For instance, adding cinnamon can lower blood sugar, boost antioxidants, and cut your risk of getting a heart disease. On the other hand, cardamom will not only add a warm, rich taste to your brew, but it’ll also help keep off coffee breath.

2. Syrup-Free Coffee

If you can’t keep away from sweeteners, be cautious on the additives you add to your cup. Instead of using creamers, which often have processed additives, sweeteners, and artificial flavors, consider organic cream or milk along with some natural brown sugar.

3. Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof coffee contains coconut oil and butter. It’s an excellent way to boost your brain’s performance and muscle energy.

Consider coffee with grass-fed butter, since it has a higher amount of Vitamin K and Omega-3 than regular butter. You can make it yourself from scratch or buy the ready Bulletproof Cold Brew.

4. Sparkling Coffee

Sparkling coffee is a frothy drink made from carbonated water and organic ingredients like lemon or sugarcane juice.

This iced coffee drink is a healthier option because it contains antioxidants, electrolytes, and less caffeine than straight-up coffee. All these elements go a long way in keeping you healthy and vibrant.

5. Ashwagandha Powder Coffee

Another excellent way you can make your coffee more nutritious is by adding Ashwagandha powder.

Since this ingredient has a strong smell, consider mixing it with some coconut oil and cinnamon. Apart from that, you can rely on it to help you reduce your stress levels and raise your physical stamina.

6. Chocolate Coffee

Think of it as a homemade mocha with no added sugar. Putting a teaspoon of unsweetened chocolate to your brew can add a little flair to your morning coffee routine.

Chocolate coffee contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory qualities that help manage Type 2 diabetes as well as balance cholesterol levels.

7. Collagen Coffee

Collagen is a protein-rich supplement that usually comes in powder form. It can blend with anything – from smoothies, cooked meals, and even coffee.

Collagen coffee can improve joint’s health, cure alcohol-induced liver damage, and hydrate your skin.

Choose Your Best Coffee Drinks

These recipes are all fun ways to add some extra nutrients to your morning coffee drinks. Remember, that it’s advisable to avoid taking coffee in the late evenings to reduce insomnia.

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