When we breathe through our mouth and over breathe, the carbon dioxide levels in our blood stream decrease. This reduction in CO2 levels causes an increase in mucous secretion and constriction of the airways. The nose is part of the airway system and tends to be the first part to become constricted. We can perform exercises that temporarily increase the carbon dioxide levels in the blood, which in turn open the nasal passages. The question often asked by those searching for better results are the advantages of nose breathing vs mouth breathing.

To start you can do the BOLT (Body Oxygen Level Test) to get a starting baseline score. From there you can then perform breathing techniques to improve your body’s CO2 tolerance and improve your breathing. Performing breathing exercises that will reduce constriction of the airways and increase your body’s ability to withstand higher levels of CO2 concentration in the blood. However, if you continue to mouth breathe, over breathe, or take deep breaths into your chest vs belly, you will reduce carbon dioxide levels and an increase in mucous secretion and constriction will occur and your nose will become blocked again.

However, with time, patience, and regular practice of breathing exercises and implementing nose breathing during day and night the body will adapt to higher, more normal levels of carbon dioxide and your nose will remain unblocked. With a clearer airway, you will notice improvements in both day-to-day life and sports performance.

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This information was acquired from “The Oxygen Advantage” by Patrick McKeown