A woman undergoes various changes in her body throughout her lifetime. Such changes include weight loss due to hormones, pregnancy, and aging. This affects the firmness and shape of their breasts. That’s why most women undergo breast lift surgery procedures.

So, what is breast lift surgery? Basically, this is a procedure that aims to lift, reshape and tighten sagging breasts. It also helps improve asymmetry and other breasts imperfection. After the procedure, the results are noticeable almost immediately.

Who Can Benefit From a Breast Lift Surgery

Not everyone needs breast lift surgery; however, consider a breast lift procedure if you have breast laxity. Here are common instances that necessitate breast lift surgery.


The tissue bands that support the breasts stretch during pregnancy. This occurs as the breasts become heavier and fuller. Stretching of the tissue bands decompress your breasts after pregnancy, causing them to sag. Similarly, when you breastfeed, changes in hormones cause the breasts to enlarge and decompress once you’re done breastfeeding. A breast lift procedure corrects sagging caused by pregnancy and nursing.


If you happen to lose weight significantly, your breasts will likely lose their perkiness and volume. This is normal since when you lose weight, you also lose the fatty tissues in your breasts. That’s why you may need breast lift surgery.

After Weight Loss

As you age, your body tissues, including your breasts, start losing elasticity. This causes them to sag. Most people opt for breast lift procedures to keep their breasts firm.

Techniques in Breast Lift Surgery

There are three main types of breast lift surgery techniques. They include:

Incision Technique

A cosmetic surgeon may perform either periareolar incisions or inframammary incisions. In concentric incisions, excess skin is removed through concentric incisions made around the margins of the areolas. Permanent sutures are used to seal these incisions.

The periareolar approach is suitable for patients with mild to moderate breast sagging. Inframammary incisions are made by the cosmetic surgeon at the lower breast crease, in the area where the breast skin joins the chest naturally. 

Most scarring blends in and is not visible because the breast implant is positioned on the bottom of the natural crease.

Breast Lift With Augmentation

Women who have lost a lot of weight are the ideal candidates for this treatment. While a breast lift can be effective, combining it with augmentation improves the outcomes. Breast augmentation is a procedure used to increase the size of the breasts. It also perfectly reshapes the breasts.

Nipple-Areolar Adjustment

Women with nipples facing downward are best suited for this procedure. This is because the technique aims at resizing and repositioning the areolar complexity of the nipple. Then the nipples are restored to a smaller size, making them look more appealing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the procedure last?

Most patients enjoy their breast lift results for 10 to 15 years. However, some patients’ results exceed this threshold before requiring a retouch. To prolong your results, avoid excessive weight gain and smoking. Wear supportive bras frequently and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Cosmetic surgeons also recommend having the surgery after you have finished breastfeeding or having kids. This is because, during pregnancy and nursing, breasts tend to expand and decompress due to hormonal changes.

How painful is the procedure?

After a breast lift, you will experience some swelling, bruising, and discomfort. Your skin may also feel tighter than usual. However, after about two weeks, the soreness and swelling subside. If you have drains near your incisions, your cosmetic surgeon and team will remove them around this time.

Do breasts sag again after a breast lift?

Breast lift surgery helps to lift your boobs and tighten them, giving you a more youthful appearance. However, just like any other surgery, it does not last forever. As you become older, your skin stretches, and your breasts sag. Nonetheless, your breasts will remain firm and intact as long as you are young.

What do scars look like after the procedure?

Scars will appear as elevated red lines as your incisions heal following breast lift surgery. They will eventually fade, become less noticeable, and flatten.

Can you get breast lift surgery more than once?

Breast lift surgery isn’t permanent. Therefore, you can have the procedure done more than once. Similarly, you can opt for a breast touch-up, or what is commonly considered as revision, which helps improve the look of your breasts. These revisions, however, do not need the whole breast lift procedure.