With the New Year on the horizon, many of us are looking at simple ways we can improve our health in 2023. Whilst there are supplements that can support us reach our fitness goals such as best bcaa supplement, ensuring we have enough rest between periods of physical activity can help you achieve your fitness and health goals much quicker whilst also preventing the risk of injury. With that in mind, we’re taking a closer look at what rest and recovery does to our bodies and why it’s so important we follow a routine instead of working out when we feel like it.

Increased Blood Circulation

Ensuring we give our bodies time for rest and recovery after a workout is key to our progression. Active recovery in particular improves blood circulation which aids the removal of waste products from tissue that has been run down by periods of intense exercise. By giving the body time to rest, we aid the delivery of nutrients to these tissues which helps to repair them. Periods of rest also speeds up the reconditioning of muscles, improving our endurance over time.

Reduced Injury Risk

We all need time for rest and recovery, particularly if we are participating in high-intensity training or fitness routines. By giving our muscles enough time to repair themselves, we reduce our chances of further injury that may cause a rip or tear to take longer to repair, putting the time we have to workout back in order to fully recover. With that in mind, it’s just as important to not overwork the body and progress at a speed you find comfortable. Going too hard with little to no prior training may result in bigger, more serious injury, pushing your goals back.

Psychological Recovery

Working out is not just physically draining but mentally challenging too. This applies even more so if we are aiming to achieve a certain goal or stage in our fitness. With this in mind, never be too harsh on your ability to achieve your goals and make sure your targets are set within realistic timeframes. It’s always better to bring a goal forward than push it back, making us feel as though we’ve failed. Never rush the process, always do what’s best for your body1


Rest and recovery provides our bodies with the chance to re-energise, preparing us for our next workout and so on. Not giving our bodies enough time to process this makes it harder for us to perform as well next time and may result in longer periods of fatigue or soreness that are more difficult to shift. Even if you feel as though you are ready to workout again, it’s important to stick to your workout schedule. By doing so, you can make sure your body performs optimally, making it much more worth the while.

Better Performance

A good workout is great but a bad one can leave us feeling disappointed in ourselves. Ensuring we have enough time to recover between workouts can boost our performance, helping us reach our goals quickly without pushing our bodies too much. Good recovery also improves our sleep, which is a key part of allowing our bodies time for rest and recovery.