Dental patients review tooth replacement and repair options when they have severely damaged teeth. Some dental professionals recommend dental crowns after root canals to offer more protection for the natural tooth. However, for some patients, crowns don’t present the best choice in every situation. Patients who want to know why dental implants are better than crowns can read these 4 reasons now.

1. Implants Look More Natural

Implants look more natural than crowns and provide a more permanent solution to tooth loss. Dental crowns are constructed using a mold of the patient’s tooth and then fitted over the tooth after the natural tooth is ground into a cone-like shape. The dental professional connects the crown with an abutment and professional-grade adhesive. The dental crowns don’t always look natural, and they aren’t a solution for replacing missing teeth. Dental patients who want to discover better choices learn more about Dental Implants now.

2. They Function Like Natural Teeth

The implants function like natural teeth, and the patient can eat anything they want without causing any issues. Implants don’t cause voice distortion like dentures, and they function better than most other options. If the patient bites into hard foods with a crown, the crown might break or fall out of the mouth.

Crowns are a remedy for damaged teeth and don’t replace missing teeth. Some dentists use the crowns to make the teeth more proportionate and symmetrical. However, crowns don’t function as well as implants and don’t present patients with the overwhelming benefits that implants do.

3. Implants are Permanently Installed

Implants are installed permanently, and the dentist installs a titanium root through the tooth socket and into the jawbone. The implant crown is connected with an abutment to the root, and it remains secure. Unlike other replacement choices, the patients don’t have to worry about the implant becoming dislodged or falling out causing embarrassing moments. It is installed securely and provides many years of use. Crowns are installed with a simple abutment and adhesive. The crowns are more likely to fall out and expose the cone-shaped tooth underneath it. In comparison, the implants are a more superior choice over the dental crowns.

When replacing several teeth at once, the dentist uses a plate onto which several implants are mounted. The procedures require the dentist to install four titanium roots per plate to secure the implants. The plate is connected to the screws and titanium roots. It is possible for patients to replace all their teeth with the implants without getting dentures and experiencing the shortcomings of the dentures.

4. Implants Last Longer

The implants last longer than crowns. In fact, dental patients who follow the care instructions provided by their dentist or their prosthodontist In Altamonte Springs, use their implants for up to twenty years.Crowns might last about five at the most. Dental professionals recommend the right toothpaste for taking care of the implants and avoiding acidic foods and beverages. Patients visit their dental professional for regular checkups and examinations after the procedure.

Dental patients consider the benefits of crowns and implants when scheduling dental procedures. Crowns are beneficial for securing dental repairs, but when the repairs just aren’t feasible, a dental implant is a better choice. The implants are a permanent solution and offer a tooth that functions and looks natural. Dental patients who choose implants have a longer-lasting and more advantageous tooth replacement option.