Pregnant women often have the basic information about what to eat and what to avoid during each trimester of their pregnancy. For those who don’t, they should first know why doctors advise eating a certain pregnancy diet during a each trimester. The foods that are suggested tend to enhance the growth of the baby keeping the mother and the baby in their best health during the full pregnancy.

For example, if the bones are being developed during the specific trimester, then mothers are advised to eat calcium rich foods. For a women, who is expecting a baby, it is important to use a Due Date Calculator to know the actual due date of the baby. This will help them to manage their diet so they are eating the correct foods during specific time periods..

If your pregnancy diet is something that is stressing you out, then don’t worry. Here is a guide that mentions foods that give you the green light throughout the 9 months and you can eat them during each trimester of your pregnancy.


There are certain foods that are mentioned by doctors to completely eliminate and some that the doctor advises to limit. Other foods are allowed by the doctor all the days in your 9 months’ exciting journey.

Here are the pregnancy power foods that will make sure the baby has the essential nutrients that they need in their body for proper growth and development:

1- Broccoli or green veggies.

This might not be a popular one for many people because most are not fans of veggies, but if a mother knows the countless benefits that broccoli provides their body with, they will grow to love to eat it. All the needed nutrients that one needs during pregnancy are present in broccoli. It is rich in calcium and also antioxidants, vitamin C and iron.

2- Meat.

Lean meat is enriched in iron. Iron is needed by the body during the full gestation period. Experts say that people who do not eat iron, or do not have sufficient amounts of iron in their pregnancy diet, tend to feel drowsy and tired due to anemia.

3- Eggs.

Eggs are a rich source of protein. There are so many forms in which eggs can be eaten. Protein is needed by the baby to develop things such as hair, nails and other body tissues. Therefore, it is important for an expectant mother to eat protein rich foods for the development of their baby.

4- Dried fruits.

There is no better snack than dried fruits. Instead of reaching out for unhealthy snacks, go for dried fruits as they are highly beneficial for the body. Dried fruits help prevent urinary tract infections. There are some dried fruits that the doctors advise not eating during pregnancy so be sure to eat the right ones after consulting your doctor.

5- Dairy products.

Calcium is needed for the growing fetus. Dairy products are enriched in probiotic bacteria and help aid digestion. Dairy products are needed by the body for bone strengthening. Check out FamilyHype for more details on the best products.

6- Avocados.

When it comes to weight loss, avocados are considered a must. And yes, when it comes to pregnancy diet power foods, avocados are again considered a great addition to the list.

Avocados contain a blend of vitamins and minerals including potassium and copper. Basically the goodness in avocados tends to help in the development of the brain tissue of the fetus. The skin is also developed due to it. There are numerous infections and disorders which can be avoided in the fetus or in the mother such as neural tube defects just by the consumption of avocados.

Avocados also help relieve a number of different pain symptoms in the mother’s body and is a great treat for the mom to be.

7- Leafy green veggies.

Leafy green veggies can be added to salads or eaten in other forms. They work as anti-oxidants by washing the harmful chemicals out of the body for the purpose of avoiding numerous diseases.

Again, they are an amazing source of iron and people who don’t consume enough of them may simply not know what is causing their drowsiness. So be sure to eat a sufficient amount of leafy green vegetables.


A pregnancy due date calculator understands that mom’s to be need proper planning. Numerous women are not able to keep a record of when a certain trimester ends and the next starts. Moreover, many do not know what their exact due date is. Through this very simple and easy to use calculator, pregnant women can keep a record of their trimesters to ensure they are following a proper pregnancy diet during each stage. This calculator provides you with the information about when a specific trimester ends and the next starts. But that is not the only thing that the calculator tells a woman. This calculator can also help in the calculation of a due date. And no, you do not need any complex information to help calculate the due date rather you only need the basic information about when you got your last period.