In summer, the sun’s UV rays are so high that they can cause severe skin problems. To avoid such skin-related complications, using high quality SPF of sunscreen is a great option.

Various options are currently available in the market; you can choose the hydrant pro mineral broad spectrum sunscreen SPF 36, a suitable cream for all skin types. The best time to apply the cream is 30 minutes before entering the sunlight.

Is There Any Value Of SPF In Cream?

SPF mainly refers to the sun protection factor; it helps in blocking the skin from the heavy radiation from the sun. Usually, two types of rays come out from the sun, including UVA and UVB. Both rays are responsible for different types of the issues.

  • UVA is the one that plays an essential role in increasing the aging sign of the skin, like acne and wrinkles on the face.
  • For the sunburn marks on the skin, the main responsibility is displayed by UVB rays.

At any time when you come in contact with sunlight, there are chances that you will get a sunburn. To avoid this, a cream with a good SPF will work as protection from the sun and will offer you a soothing texture.

Various variations in the SPF of the cream are available in the market. If you choose the cream with SPF 25, then it means that it will offer you 25 times more protection than the regular cream.

How Long Will The Skin Have Protection Due To The Cream?

Mainly the variation will be there in the protection time based on the type of cream that you are using. If you use hydrant pro mineral broad spectrum sunscreen SPF 36, then it will offer you high-grade protection for a longer time.

Mainly the idea is framed that your skin will feel hydrated for about 2 hours after you apply the cream. After this time, you must apply the cream again for better results. However, if you sweat more, you may need to apply the cream at an early stage as it will lose its effects.

Factors to Choose Sunscream

Are you having low exposure to the sun? In that case, going for the moisturizer that has an SPF of 15 will be sufficient and will give good results. In another situation, when you have more contact with the sun, then choosing the right cream is a major decision that needs to be taken after proper analysis.

Water Resistant

You can try to get a cream that is water resistant as it offers a high level of protection even if the personis engaged in a lot of water-related activities. But in some situation use of the cream is not an advisable; especially if you are playing a sport in which chances are there that a drop in the SPF will be there.

Spray Cream

The use of the spray cream is increasing drastically, especially among parents dealing with their running children. But using the spray ones is not the recommended option as they can cause breathing problems among them.

Can You Get A Tan Even While Using The Sun Cream?

Based on the research, no conclusion has been formed that there is no chance of a tan if the person continues to use the sun cream. It is just a protection for the skin and not the solution to get out of the situation of tanning in the summer. A proper care of the skin will only hep in removing the tan that is due to the sun rays.