Nobody can deny the importance of physical activity. It has a direct impact on our health and, no matter how much we might hate it at times, the truth is that we all need to stay active if we want to stay healthy. The actual level of activity will depend on what your actual fitness goals are and the fitness equipment available to you. Some people are just trying to stay fit and healthy, while others want to lose weight or build muscles and how active you will be depends on your particular intentions.

No matter your fitness goals, though, the truth is that you will have to work with certain pieces of fitness equipment in order to get the results you desire. Not everyone needs the same equipment and the same tools, but the truth is that we all need some of those. Does this mean that you will have to sign up for a gym membership and visit it every single day in order to be able to use the tools that it is equipped with?

Well, if that’s what you want and like, go for it! Yet, you certainly don’t have to, because you can easily set up your little own gym at home or anywhere you have the space to spare. Now you are probably thinking that you will need a lot of space, but that mustn’t be true either. Of course, it once again depends on your personal preferences and fitness goals, but you definitely don’t need a huge space. After all, you’ll only be getting the fitness equipment you need and want, some of which might be listed here.

People usually fear that they will lack the motivation to work out from home and that they will only waste their money on the fitness equipment they buy, but it doesn’t have to be this way. I understand that it might be a bit more difficult to get yourself to start training at home, but once you set up your daily routine, you will certainly be able to do it without any issues. Plus, by getting the equipment you need, your workouts will be much more fun, meaning that you will be more motivated.

So, if you are thinking about creating your personal gym at home, or in a studio, you will also have to think about getting some equipment. The best part is, you won’t need to buy everything at once. You can start with the essentials and then get more and more tools as you progress. Just make sure that your designated workout space can fit all of those tools. Let us now take a look at the pieces of fitness equipment you might want to get once you decide to create your very own home gym.

A Mat

Unsurprisingly, the very first thing you will need is a mat. Regardless of your specific fitness goals, you will need a mat in order to do some exercises. Of course, you can try doing those on the floor, but that will not only be uncomfortable, but also a bit dangerous, since the floor might get slippery. Working out on a carpet, on the other hand, is not very hygienic or healthy, so I suggest you give up on that idea immediately.

There are all kinds of mats you can find on the market and different ones are suitable for different types of workouts. What does this mean? Well, it simply means that you will have to know at least vaguely which types of workouts you will be performing before you get your mat. Don’t worry, though, you will be able to find the mats that can serve multiple purposes, so there is no need to get extremely specific about the exercises you will be doing. Still, it would be nice if you had an idea about what you will be doing with the mat, so that you can get a perfect one.

A Treadmill

If you have enough space, you should definitely think about getting a professional treadmill. No matter the type of workout you will be performing, I’m sure that cardio will be a part of it. There’s no easier, or better, way to do your cardio than on a treadmill. You can walk, you can run and after a while, you might even learn how to do some exercises, such as lunges, on the treadmill. Simply put, this is the piece of fitness equipment that offers versatility while also being necessary, so it would be smart to have it at your home gym.

You are probably mostly worried about the space that it will take up, aren’t you? This is a concern for all pieces of equipment, but if you take a look at, you will get to see that there are a lot of home-suitable pieces you can choose without worrying about space too much. When treadmills are in question, you can get a smaller one that will fit your needs and the best part is that you will be able to store it away when not using it. Of course, carrying it around too much would be an issue since these are usually rather heavy, but if you choose a spot for it, the truth is that it can take up only a small corner when not being used.

A Jump Rope

Now, here is something that doesn’t take up any space at all and it can be a great substitute for the treadmill cardio I have mentioned above. It’s perfect for people who don’t actually have the space for a treadmill, as well as for people who want to have the option of not using one and the same cardio tool over and over again. Studies show that you will be able to burn a huge amount of calories while using a jump rope, which makes it perfect for all of those who want to lose some weight.

There are a lot of different jump rope types on the market and which one you will choose depends on you. Don’t forget that some of these can be weighted and some offer you the opportunity to remove those weights if you don’t feel like jumping with them at a particular point of time and then add them when you do feel like it. This is a perfect option, so make sure to take it into consideration when choosing the particular jump rope that you want to buy.


Dumbbells, also called free weights, are certainly a great piece of equipment for all of those who want to do weight trainings. Depending on your particular goals and on your individual capabilities, you can choose lighter or heavier dumbbells. Of course, if you have the money, it would be best to get various-weighted pairs, so that you can switch between those or gradually increase the weight that you are lifting. There are also those the weight of which can be adjusted.

No matter the weight, you will definitely need one pair of dumbbells in your personal, home gym. These tools won’t take up too much space, so you don’t need to worry about not having enough room for them. So, don’t forget to get your pair of dumbbells when creating your home gym, because these tools will really come in handy, since you can use them for a whole-body workout.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are a core piece of workout equipment that should be found in every single home gym. These can be used even if you only have enough room to place your mat and nothing else, which makes them great for exercising in an apartment. Resistance bands are extremely versatile and can be used for all kinds of exercises. What’s more, they are extremely cost effective, meaning that they are perfect for beginners who don’t want to spend too much money at once, but they still want to be able to do their workouts at home.

A Workout Bench

In case you have room to spare, you should get yourself a workout bench because it will change up your whole routine and make your workouts much more fun and amusing. After all, you do need that extra motivation in order to exercise at home and actually like it, don’t you? While not everyone needs this piece of fitness equipment, it is perfect for weightlifting programs. So, if you are planning on lifting some weights, make sure to include this particular tool in your home gym, because you will get some great results with it.

Tips On Where To Buy Your Equipment

Now, when you finally decide to take that important step and start creating your home gym, you will have to find some great places selling the equipment you need. While I cannot tell you which places to shop at exactly, simply because I don’t know where you live and what is available to you, I can give you some advice on how to choose your supplier. Plus, given the fact that technology is evolving, you can certainly find and order all of the equipment online, regardless of where you actually live. So, let me now share those tips on how to choose the perfect supplier.

Ask Other Gym Enthusiasts

If you have a friend or an acquaintance who has already created their own home gym, talking to them is a great place to start. In case you don’t know anyone who did that already, there is always the option of talking to the people who own gyms in your area. They might be able to give you some recommendations not only on which pieces of equipment to get right from the start, but also on which suppliers to shop from. Make sure to listen to what everyone has to say, because everyone’s input will matter.

Sure, you can come across certain people complaining about the tools that they bought from specific places, but that is also an important piece of information. It tells you which suppliers to avoid. On the other hand, when you hear someone praise specific suppliers and manufacturers, you should certainly take note of those and remember them, since you will be doing some more thorough research afterwards.

Check Out Suppliers’ Websites

Once you get some great suggestions, it’s time to take a closer look at all of the suppliers that were recommended to you. Of course, it can easily happen that you don’t get any recommendations during the above step, but that shouldn’t discourage you. The Internet is filled with information you need, meaning that you can do your own research in order to find the perfect manufacturers and suppliers in case nobody around you has any useful info to share.

Regardless of the source of information, this step should be the same. Open up the websites of particular suppliers and check which pieces of fitness equipment they exactly offer. Make sure to take note of the brands, because we all know that some offer higher-quality products than the others. If you like what you are seeing, remember that particular supplier or bookmark the website, so that you can return to it later.

Read Equipment Reviews

Before deciding on any piece of equipment in particular, you will need to read some reviews about those. This is probably the most important tip that I can give you, because when you find great, objective reviews, you will be able to get all the information you need before you go shopping. Equipment reviews will not only help you decide which tools to get when setting up your home gym, but also provide you with certain suggestions regarding the manufacturers, brands and suppliers, which is of crucial importance.

So, you can think of these as fitness equipment and manufacturer reviews and try to find as many objective ones as possible, so that you can make perfect shopping choices. If certain manufacturers or suppliers have too many negative reviews, it would be best to avoid shopping for their products. Once you get enough info with the help of these reviews, though, you will be able to decide on your own which places to avoid and which to shop from.