It seems like summer was just yesterday. However, now the New Year is on the nose, followed by a series of holidays. Before you can blink an eye, there are only a couple of weeks before the swimwear season. We do not recommend resorting to the classic option of preparing for a vacation one week in advance, but to attend to this issue much in advance. The cold is already approaching. The time for gatherings in the park under the sun is over, which means it’s time to get your body ready for summer. Losing a few pounds in no time is easy but unsafe. How many times a week should you exercise and bet on Bizzo Casino? What points to consider during preparation?

When to start exercising?

It all depends on your wishes and initial data. On average, the human body loses 500-800 grams of fat per week. That is, per month, subject to the training and nutrition regimen, you can lose 2-4 kg. But remember that everything is individual for everyone, so do not be scared if you do not immediately see an impressive minus on the scales.

You should not rush to lose weight a week before the vacation. Extreme weight loss is not safe for your health and is unlikely to give you long-term effects. The sooner you get ready for the summer season, the better.

How much to train and how to increase the load?

It will be sufficient to train 2-4 times a week for 1-1.5 hours. Don’t forget about rest. Training seven days a week is unnecessary, even for professional athletes. Alternate loads: include strength training, cardio, and stretching in your plan. This will not let you get bored and will be good for the body.

The training load will increase as you adapt to the exercise. Increase the difficulty and severity of your workouts gradually, do not pursue a quick result. You don’t have to strain yourself. If you understand that exercises with a specific weight have become familiar to you, try adding yourself first a kilogram of weight, then another one, and so on.

What are the stages of preparation?

The stages will depend on the training goals and the level of preparedness in the first place, and the nuances of each specific organism. A good diet and drinking balance should ideally be your allies consistently. If you are unsure of what to do, you can ask your dietitian / nutritionist for advice. Experts will help you understand nutrition, give recommendations on the daily routine and healthy habits. You can include massage in this list – a course every six months for the general condition of the body will be helpful and pleasant.

Where to look for motivation for training?

Remember, you only need to return to work out after a long break – for good health and psychological comfort, both on and off the beach. Make sports a habit and find activities to your liking. Don’t torture yourself with group workouts if you don’t like them. Try swimming or boxing, for example. You need to enjoy the workouts and not drag on them like hard labor after work. If you like what you do, the results will come as you get your body ready for summer

Your summer will be fantastic, and without any difficulties, you have to think about it now.