Hearing aids can make a big difference in your hearing when you can no longer hear well on your own. However, getting used to the devices takes a while, especially if you have never won them before. The first few days with your new hearing aid are essential to your comfort and success since they can determine whether you will continue using your devices. Here are some tips to help you adjust smoothly and keep enjoying them for years.

1, Get the fitting right

The first and most crucial step towards the successful use of hearing aids is ensuring they fit properly in your ears. This not only makes them more comfortable to wear, but it also makes them more effective. You should also ensure you understand how to fit hearing aids yourself correctly. Although most hearing aids today come with systems designed to reduce or eliminate feedback, you can still experience irritating screeching or whistling sounds if the device isn’t correctly fitted.

2. Expect some frustrations

Hearing aids deluge your ears with sounds you didn’t notice before if you haven’t heard well in a few years, and it could be a little of sound overload. For instance, the humming of a fridge, a background noise that most people rarely notice, might seem extremely loud and unbearable. This usually happens because your brain has forgotten how to filter background noise and prioritize specific sounds over others.

If you are adjusting to new ones, learn to ignore background noise, be patient, and take it slow as your brain gets used to them. Most people with hearing loss also tend to avoid restaurants due to the noise, but with these tips for dining out with hearing aids, you can make your next dinner a success.  

3. Only wear them for a few hours a day

It’s okay only to wear your hearing aids in comfortable situations and environments for the first few days. However, experts recommend that you, over time, try to wear them during your waking time. The more sound you can recognize and filter out, the easier you can adjust to your hearing aids.

4. Schedule a follow-up appointment with your audiologist

The first visit to learn how to use hearing aids shouldn’t be the last one. You should schedule a follow-up visit between four to 12 weeks after getting your hearing aids to discuss how you are adjusting. Your audiologist can recommend aural rehabilitation classes or sessions. Aural rehabilitation can help reduce your hearing difficulties, improve your perception of quality and enable you to become an effective user of hearing aids.    

5. Watch TV with captions or subtitles

Visual cues help your brain to process the sound it’s getting, which is why it helps to speak to someone face-to-face instead of from another room. The same applies when watching TV or listening to an audiobook. Reading and listening to words simultaneously helps retrain your brain to connect sounds and language. Turn on your TV’s locked captioning and enable subtitles while watching a movie.


Unlike sunglasses, hearing aids take a while to acclimate to since your brain relearns to perceive sounds it has forgotten about. Furthermore, you have to adjust to the sensation of something in your years, which will only occur when you wear them consistently. Fortunately, with these tips, you can make the transition process go more smoothly and fast.