There is still a debate among experts about what a “smart home” really is – a fashionable toy for the rich or a promising technology that has already become available to everyone. After all, more and more ready-made smart products can be bought in specialized stores or ordered online, such as standing desk models or motorized bed frames for automating wellness.

We can see amazing fantasies of artificial intelligence living spaces in computer games and movies. What we have now and whether everyone really needs a smart home is an important question that engineers, designers, and programmers ask themselves.

A modern home that is able to control costs, manage household appliances and execute scenarios to create a specific atmosphere helps to significantly reduce the time spent on routine tasks. Along with these opportunities, many solutions allow you to improve your physical and moral condition. That is why such a house will please not only a businessman who spends most of his time at work, but also an ordinary mother with a child, working at home, or the elderly.

There are three extremes of the perception of a smart home:

  • a set of systems for entertainment (playing with curtains, light, ventilation, and temperature);
  • an ultra-smart add-on that literally guesses your desires.
  • Automated products that can suit any home and work without additional systems and appliances.

The truth, as always, lies somewhere in the middle. A smart home can significantly diversify life for automating wellness, but the system is not able to analyze your condition and offer the best settings for the surrounding space.

The Way Home Automation Can Enhance Your Health

Very often we forget that living conditions including working and sleeping should be ergonomic and favorable for our health. All these are possible due to the implementation of up-to-date smart solutions like adjustable standing desks, automated bed frames, or proper positioning of your favorite large TV screen. 

Is it Possible to Stand While Working?

If during sedentary work pains in the lower back often occur, and many systems of the body suffer, then when standing, the legs suffer the most. Therefore, it is optimal to alternate standing and sitting work. Early studies have shown that it is more comfortable and efficient to work while seated for half or two-thirds of your work time. By the way some smart desks, for example, those manufactured by Progressive Desk include a calorie calculator so that you know how many calories you can burn while standing. The desk has a user-friendly and sleek design with absolutely smooth movement options to bring you the right height.

You just need some time to get used to it and finally, it will become your must-have for home and office space. Due to its special three-stage linear motion construction, all Progressive desks are created to let you feel free when you change your body position by just pressing the right button. You can choose any form, size, and materials of the desk for your comfortable and health-oriented workstation for automating wellness.

Care About the Health of Your Eyes

Table lamps, which come with a rigid stand, are great for desktop installations to provide a comfortable level of light for paperwork and reduce eye strain. The smart lamp supports changing the temperature of light and brightness, as well as adjusting the angle of the diffuser – up to 30 °, which will help you customize it to your preferences and requirements.

Sleeping Can Be Also Healthier with the Help of a Smart Bed Frame

The bed is called smart because it is able to easily lull and maintain sound sleep even in a person suffering from chronic insomnia. It’s all about a special automated frame inside, which is mono and easy to integrate with your frame and a suitable mattress.

Firstly, the “smart” bed is equipped with the healthiest bedding, that is, latex mattresses and pillows that allow you to easily adapt to any shape of the body, providing the head with a normal blood flow. Secondly, this unique bed is also equipped with a vibration system, which is very useful for the back, neck, and head that are tired during the day, which also contributes to fast falling asleep and healthy sleep. By changing the position of the head, you can even get rid of snoring which is unpleasant for others and dangerous for a person.

There are even beds that have a unique surface that, using sensors, monitors the position of the body of a sleeping person and independently selects the level of rigidity in five main areas (head, shoulder, back, waist, and legs) in order to provide an anatomically correct position and maximum comfort. comfort level.

So as you can see, today’s availability of diverse smart products for automating wellness is astonishing. You can try some of them or use all to see the difference over two or three months. You will be, definitely,  surprised by the result.

Author Bio

Hayley Mann is a technology enthusiast specializing in automation methods of ergonomics devices. Her engineering background helps her to create interesting articles on technical topics, making them understandable for all readers.