Personal training can be a very viable career and one that can be lucrative, while also allowing you to help others in the process. Because of this, a lot of people pursue this pathway in life. This can lead to a lot of competition between trainers, and it can be hard to get ahead with so many people trying to get the same clients you are. However, with billions of users, social media is one of the best tools for personal trainers to get ahead. It can be a great tool not only for marketing yourself and becoming an authority figure in the space, but can also attracting new clients. With that in mind, this blog post is going to go over some social media tips for personal trainers to help them get more clients.

Use the Right Hashtags

Using hashtags is one of the first social media tips for personal trainers to cast a wider net to get more clients. Using hashtags is like a way to categorize your posts, and make them easier for people to search and discover. If you search the hashtag “fitness” you will be greeted with millions of photos or posts all about fitness.

The hashtags you use will depend on the type of content you are posting, and which platform you are posting it on. You might want to know the best photography hashtags to use, or might be interested in speaking about a particular machine or exercise.

By using hashtags, people searching through the particular tags you add will be able to see your page and check out your content. Who knows, they may even like it, follow you and eventually become a client.

Of course, be careful not to overuse hashtags, and not use random hashtags in the hopes of getting more people to click on your content. Remember, your ultimate goal here is to get new clients, not trick people into clicking a photo.

Engage With Your Followers/Subscribers/Clients

A big part of social media is engaging with your audience. It is a two-way conversation and if everything you post or do is about marketing yourself and your services, you will often have limited success. People want to feel special, and like you value them following you and care about what they think. 

As a result, always engage with those who follow you, subscribe to you, or have you as their trainer. Doing so can help them be more loyal and trust you more. People are putting a lot of trust into you to help them stay fit and deliver workout routines, so the least you can do is be involved with them and be there to assist them and answer questions when they need it.

Many personal trainers will also post updates on their clients and give them shout-outs if they are doing well. Potential clients will see how involved you are with your audience and current client base, and may see you as a more trustworthy and better choice than someone who never engages on social media.

Stay Consistent With Your Posting

Consistency is key when it comes to social media. The more consistent you are, the more your brand will strengthen and the more people will begin to see you as a leader. If you are all over the place in terms of your posting, people may not take you seriously or see you as legitimate.

A common question many personal trainers and other entrepreneurs might have is “how frequently should I post on social media?”. While you want to post a fair bit (at least a few times a week in most cases), the most important thing is to stay consistent. 

Not only in terms of how often you are posting but even the content you post. Once you find the content that followers and clients enjoy and expect from you, be careful about changing it up a ton. If you do, you could end up driving people away.

In conclusion, we hope these social media tips for personal trainers have been able to help you attract more clients and customers through social media.