Does your gut tell you to survive out in the wild and test your instincts? Well, it’s only possible through the right gear! Bushcrafting is the ability to survive in the wilderness, with a few Bushcraft gear tools on the back, and nature and all its intricacies in the front. The sky is the limit to what you can achieve with all that is available on this Earth.

However, to make this journey slightly easier to withstand and efficient to enjoy the outdoors, marvelous tools have been made, all of which fall under the title of ‘bushcraft gear’. Now, surviving out in the open is most definitely possible with nothing more than food and a simple pocket knife sharpener in your backpack. But imagine, having an ax to help make shelter, or a water filter to drink purified water out of, or better yet, a fire-starting tool to help your body stay warm amidst the cold winters of the outdoors.

Now, to help you get a move on with your exploration of the wild, we have accurate list of ‘must have bushcraft gear’ and more about them. Here are our top five:

Lightweight Backpack

You weren’t planning to just haul all this stuff around and camp out in the wild, were you?

A backpack is the number one on almost every list of bushcraft gear that you’re going to need and you’re going to want to have one when you plan your escape out in the wild.

This lightweight bag allows you to hold all of the items which are going to be necessary to thrive out in the wild.

Cooking Pan and Pots

Whatever food you’re going to ration for yourself is going to run out sooner or later (well, only if you plan on sticking to your plan!).

The forests of the wild are home to some of nature’s best plants and animals that can be hunted and eaten as food. However, you can’t just eat them raw. It’ll cause stomach discomfort and you won’t be having the luxuries of laxatives or other digestive aids out there.

Imagine having a cooking pot, with which you can cook your food and have a great meal out in your cozy tent. That brings us to our next gear, Tarp Shelter!

Tarp Shelter

Tarp shelters are a necessary element to give you shade out in the sun and help you stay safe and warm inside at night.

This lightweight element of shelter is a great alternative to a tent, which needs lots of space in your backpack and is extremely hard to set up.

With its versatility, ease of setup, and lightweight nature, it is preferred by many campers and bushcrafters all around the world!

First Aid Kit

Although herbs are also considered natural remedies and almost all of them are found in the forest, not many people are equipped with the knowledge of where to find them and how to use them.

Furthermore, not every plant or fruit is useful or has healing properties. Thus, a first aid kit is probably the best thing that you can keep with you in order to stay safe.


Last but not least, a good source of light. Although the moon keeps the sky lit at night, you will definitely be needing energy for other purposes.

Having a high-quality flashlight with you will help to have the necessary amount of light while enjoying the wildlife. You always need to be prepared before going outdoors because some unexpected emergencies can happen and it is better to be well equipped in those situations. Flashlights and other lighting gear is the most versatile option for survival if you want to spend a night outdoors. You can find high-quality flashlights in brands such as Black Diamond Equipment that are selling hiking gear, REI or FlashLight World offering a wide range of flashlights and other lighting gear to choose from.”

Say you’re out in the wild, looking for a way back to your shelter at night. You’ll be requiring a steady beam of light to guide your way back. Losing your way without light doesn’t sound like a fun trip at all!

So, this concludes our list of bushcraft gear that you can have on your next exploration into the wild and to keep yourself safe and sound, no matter what.

Do you have something else you consider to be a necessary part of your bushcraft gear? Share away with us down below!