Wine will always find a place at the table for adults. Whether you need it after a long day at work or during a nice dinner, the place of wine is irrefutable.  It is the center of happiness that brings joy and smiles to the faces of people.  However, beyond physical and mental happiness, are there any health benefits of wine in terms of moderate wine consumption?

How exactly does a glass of wine here and there contribute to the overall well-being of physical and mental health? There are new studies that constantly back moderate drinking of alcohol for health. New research goes into instances of combating cancer cells to reduced mortality rate.

To address the proper health benefits of taking wine we need to ensure that people are aware of the right pour size. The right pour size can be hard to determine because of the numerous shapes and sizes of wine glasses. Most people love oversized wine glasses because of the temptation of getting intoxicated quickly on a single pour.  However, medical experts advise against it.  You must drink responsibly if you are to present yourself as a true role model in society.

As a standard rule the right pour size is 5 oz. per serving, nothing more nothing less.  Our use of the term “moderate” represent what is clinically proven as the right amount to take daily for health benefits.

Now that we have straightened out some grey areas let’s take a look at five health benefits of wine that will inspire you to pour a glass:

1. Antioxidants

Antioxidants are needed in the body to fight off free radicals that cause damaging health conditions such as cancer.  To combat this ailment, wine in moderate amounts could be the answer.  Most wines produced today are full of antioxidants that help fight free radicals from the body system.  To make the most out of this, be on the lookout for wine with antioxidants e.g. white wine.

 A recent study shows that phenols in white wine are more or equal to those found in red wine.  This is an interesting fact because most drinkers feel that red wine contains the most antioxidants.

2.  Immune system boost

You can boost your immune system by moderately taking a glass of wine daily.  This is not to say you should skip taking vitamins and supplements.   Wine is not an immediate replacement to vitamins and supplements but can help keep your immune system in order to fight off infections and bacteria.

However, drinking too much wine defeats this purpose

3. Bone density

Unarguably bone density get brittle as you get older, presently adults with a good reason why aging requires more calcium intake to keep up with bone development.  Drinking milk is good as a nice source of calcium so is a glass of wine.

To buttress my point, the high level of silicone in red wine contributes immensely to bone density, thereby reducing the chance of osteoporosis.

4. It reduces the risk of stroke

Consuming wine in moderate amounts can help prevent blood from clotting. Alcohol in general, acts as a blood thinner that prevents stroke by breaking up any blood clots. The reduce stroke health benefit of alcohol is more profound in females than in males.

As we said earlier, the phenols in red wine acts as a blood thinner or vasodilator similar to the function of aspirin. Resveratrol is a chemical compound found in the skin of red grapes. Its use during red wine production protects against stroke.

However, although light drinkers who take alcohol in moderate amounts are more likely to benefit from reduced stroke, heavy drinkers will experience the direct opposite because of increased chances of a heart attack.

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5.  Reduce the risk of heart disease

Red wine contains tannins with procyanidins and phenols that have therapeutic ability to neutralize free radicals. The health benefit is that these chemicals are effective in preventing cardiovascular diseases.

Drinking wine moderately can enhance blood vessel cells thereby improving the flow of blood.  Improved blood flow increases the health of the heart and lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases.  Experts are of the opinion that light drinking is beneficial to the human system.