It’s not always easy to keep up your fitness routine while traveling. Between adjusting to a new time zone, unfamiliar food, and the temptation of lounging by the pool all day, it can be hard to stick to your usual routine. But with some planning and preparation, you can ensure you don’t fall out of shape while on vacation. Here are some tips from travelers, like Vikki Gerrard La Crosse WI, on how to stay active while making the most of your trip.

1. Plan for Physical Activities

One of the best ways to make sure you stay active with your fitness routine while traveling is to make sure your schedule includes activities that will get your blood pumping. Visiting a new city? Do some research and find a running or walking route that will show you the sights. Going to the beach? Pack your swimsuit and spend time swimming or body surfing each day. Caught some rainy weather? Head to a local museum and take the stairs or brisk walking while window shopping.

2. Invest in Some Light Exercise Equipment

You don’t need to go all out and buy a complete set of dumbbells or a workout machine, but bringing along a jump rope, resistance bands, or even a yoga mat can be a game changer when it comes to staying active while traveling. Vikki Gerrard La Crosse WI advises this will enable you to do a quick workout in your hotel room or Airbnb. You can also use your light exercise equipment as props for bodyweight exercises when you’re sightseeing.

3. Challenge Yourself With New Activities

Stay active on vacation by trying new things to increase your heart rate and give your muscles a workout. If you’re not used to hiking, challenge yourself to a day hike in a beautiful location. Rent a bike and explore a new city. Take a surfing lesson or go on a kayaking adventure. A vacation is a perfect time to try something new, so take advantage of it!

4. Seek Out Active Tours

When planning your vacation, look for active tours that will get you moving while allowing you to see the sights. Many options are available, from Segway tours to bike tours to even walking food tours. This is a great way to explore a new place while getting in some exercise at the same time.

5. Make Use of Hotel Amenities

Most hotels have some sort of on-site fitness center, so if you want to stay active with your fitness routine while traveling, use it! Even if the gym is small, you can usually find a few essential pieces of equipment to get in a quick workout. And don’t forget about the hotel pool! Swimming is a great way to exercise, and it’s also a lot of fun.

6. Get Up and Move Every Hour

Even if you’re not looking for a full-blown workout, it’s important to make sure you’re moving around and not sitting for too long. Set a timer on your phone, and make sure to get up and move for at least 5 minutes every hour. Walk around the block, stretch, or just pace back and forth in your hotel room. Just moving your body will help keep you feeling energetic and alive while traveling.

7. Stick to a Healthy Diet

Eating healthy can be part of your fitness routine while traveling but can be challenging, and it’s important to ensure you’re fueling your body with the right foods to stay active. Vikki Gerrard La Crosse WI recommends researching the area you’re traveling to find the best restaurants that offer healthy options. And make sure to pack snacks like nuts, fruit, and veggie sticks on hand when you’re on the go.

Just because you’re eating healthy most of the time doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the local cuisine on vacation. Balance is key, so allow yourself to indulge a little. Just make sure to get back on track with healthy eating afterward.

8. Drink Plenty of Water

It’s essential to stay hydrated when you’re traveling, especially if you’re doing a lot of activities. Drinking plenty of water will help you avoid fatigue and make it easier for your body to recover from physical activity. Make sure to bring a reusable water bottle with you so you can always have water on hand and cut down on plastic waste.

9. Seek Out Local Fitness Classes

Looking for a fun way to stay active while traveling? Check out local fitness classes. This is a great way to meet people and explore a new place. You can usually find yoga, pilates, and other fitness classes in most cities, so research before you go and see what’s available.

10. Get Plenty of Sleep

It’s essential to get enough sleep when you’re traveling, as this will help you to feel your best and have more energy for activities. If you’re jet-lagged, take it easy at first and slowly adjust to the new time zone. And even if you’re not jet lagged, getting a good night’s sleep is still important so you can make the most of your vacation.

Final Thoughts

Staying active and maintaining your fitness routine while traveling doesn’t have to be a chore. There are many fun and easy ways to make sure you’re getting enough exercise, even when you’re on vacation. Just remember to focus on balance and moderation, and don’t put too much pressure on yourself to stay in shape while you’re away from home.