Diamond pushups are an advanced form of pushups for bodyweight exercises. While there are various muscles worked by diamond push ups, the triceps and chest benefit the most, and this exercise can be an excellent addition to your regular training regime. Since this exercise can be challenging, it’s best to understand how to perform the push ups effectively. Here are a few workout routines you can use with diamond pushups for the best results.

Enough Warm-Up

Warming up is an essential part of a good exercise regime, but most people tend to overlook this part. Good warm-up exercises prepare the body and mind for the training, increase performance, and help prevent injuries.

With diamond pushups, sufficient warm-up is quite essential. Since this pushup requires a difficult position and awkward movement, there is increased strain on your wrists and elbows. Take enough time to warm up the parts and avoid problems that might come from the strain.

Practice Regularly and Effectively

Diamond pushups can take some time to perfect, and you shouldn’t get discouraged if they are hard to pull off when starting out. Typically, you get maximum benefits from diamond pushups when you learn how to get them right.

Like with most exercises, diamond pushups can become a critical component of your daily workout routine. Nevertheless, the volume and frequency of the exercises often depend on your strength, prowess, and fitness goals. If you intend to stimulate muscle growth, diamond pushups should be part of your daily weight training. Ideally, you can have about two sets of 20 reps per day.

As you start your strength training workout, you can begin with challenging variations and transition to less difficult ones as you get tired.

Diamond Pushup Variations

While diamond pushups are generally more challenging than regular pushups, it’s still good to spice things up and push your limits.

Spiderman pushups

Spider-Man pushups are a great option when you want to move your routine workout a notch higher. Whether you are working out at the gym or home, adding this pushup to your fitness routine can make it more challenging. Instead of doing the reps in the usual way, you position one foot behind, lift the knees, and support the body with your glutes. You perform the modified diamond pushup with your arms in front of the chest.

Pushup and Clap

This variation can be hard for anyone without the necessary stamina and agility. It starts with the regular pushup position, but instead of pushing up your body gently, you push harder to jump and clap.

Dive Bomber Pushups

Bomber pushups can be more difficult, but including them in your fitness routine can help tone down your body muscles. The push up starts from the normal diamond pushup position, but with legs spread apart and hips lifted so your body forms a V shape.


While the diamond pushup has numerous benefits, it can take significant time to master. Similarly, you need to have some level of base strength for effective performance. Once you are comfortable with diamond pushups, you can try other variations and push your limits.