As a personal trainer, you want to showcase your work out there to continue widening your clients base. You need some Instagram hacks for personal trainers that will ensure more and more people requiring personal trainers will see your work. It is imperative then that you work towards growing your Instagram account. One of the easy ways you can grow your account is by contracting the services of They will guide you on how to create an appealing profile, and take you through the paces of setting up your theme and your feed. If you also need professional services of managing your account, you are right at home with them.

However, it is good that you take your time to manage your account following your own preferences. Here are some Instagram hacks for personal trainers that you should know.

Utilize Videos and Instagram Stories

In addition to posting nice and attractive images of you and your clients, take advantage of using videos. You will connect to potential clients more with videos than you ever could with still images. Videos show your audience what you actually do, and creates a sense of self-belief in them that they can also achieve what they are seeing. It is also a good way of showcasing different moves, strategies and training routines. There are those who will follow you just to mimic your training routine.

Instagram stories are becoming increasingly popular with time. In fact, most Instagram followers just check the stories posted on their feed as they move on with other activities. These stories are thus, an excellent way of showcasing various fitness tips and techniques, and encouraging others to join your course. You never know how many people you are going to motivate to start their fitness journeys via these stories.

Devise a Creative Hashtag

Make use of hashtags if you want your content to reach as many people as possible. You can devise your own unique tag and market it vigorously as you use other popular tags to reach out to people interested in fitness and health. And who isn’t these days? Your hashtag can be anything like your username, the name of your brand or just something popular that your followers can relate with. The main aim is to make it as popular as possible and to have your followers to also use it. You grow your brand awareness significantly as more and more people use it.  

Identify Your Theme

Most people forget about this vital element when they begin their fitness journey. Your theme is your identity. Followers will identify more with your profile if you focus on a specific aspect of fitness and stick to it. Once you narrow down to a few specifics, identify a defining shade or color and post following a specific mode. You want a profile that anyone can see at a glance and identify you in an instant.

Identify similar accounts that resonate with your passion and follow them. Make sure you participate in their activities and conversations. Try and tag popular influencers on fitness and health so that your posts can be seen by many other people. Reach out to these influencers and have them tag yours in your posts. You do not have to struggle to reach out to very popular stars, just start with your friends that have a significant following as you climb your way up.

Engage Your Followers

Take time to respond to your followers. You will be asked questions about fitness, people will comment and propose suggestions on your content. Always respond to these questions politely, take time to respond to various suggestions and check out any positive proposals. The more engagement you have with your fans and followers, the more insights you get, and the more ideas you will get for your personal training regimen. By responding to them, this will help you get more Instagram followers.

Motivate and Inspire

People like to be pushed with motivation and inspirational messages. Give challenges and targets to your followers and motivate them to achieve those targets. People love individuals who add value to their lives, and inspiration is just one way of doing this. So, make sure you push them as much as possible and never look down upon them.

As you implement these Instagram hacks, remember that consistency and authenticity are your greatest allies. Your journey towards leveraging this platform may not yield immediate results, but perseverance coupled with these strategies will undoubtedly pave the way for sustainable growth. Embrace the evolving landscape of social media, experiment with these tools, and most importantly, stay true to your unique voice and expertise. With dedication and these proven hacks in your arsenal, you’re primed to carve a thriving digital footprint as a personal trainer, making a lasting impact on your audience and transforming lives through fitness, one post at a time