Gold-infused skin care has been around since the ancient times to maintain youthfulness, slow down the ageing process and even reduce inflammation. Tradition aside, a number of skin care experts have been boasting the benefits of using gold for a wide range of applications. How does this happen? Simple, gold has the potential to activate the skin’s basal cells which allows for increased elasticity. Now, everyone knows tissue elasticity is what keeps wrinkles, blemishes and marks from forming, making gold an undisputable beauty ally. On the other hand, gold-infused products have been shown to stimulate cells and nerves, thus boosting circulation and eliminating biological residue which is much needed in addressing dermatological conditions such as acne. While research has yet to keep up, a number of recent studies have been confirming these benefits. Before we get into it, we also recommend getting yourself a hollywood vanity mirror, so you can check your skin with great detail.

OROGOLD Cosmetics is one of the most visible companies in the gold-infused skin care space with a deep commitment to making their product accessible and available for anyone who wants to look their best. Having featured in top tier media around the world and notable publications such as Oprah’s magazine, O or Vogue, their unique collection of cosmetics draws from beauty rituals of the past and combines that knowledge with the cutting-edge power of modern day science. 

From the OROGOLD 24K aromatherapy body oil, body butter, hand creams, facial masks, serums to lip balms, the collection does not fail to address every part of the body that could benefit from the rich and deeply hydrating abilities of the golden elixir. 

However, gold doesn’t do it all on its own. There are a number of ingredients that harmoniously blend together and reinforce each other’s treatment potential depending on needs and applications. For example, many of the OROGOLD products also use caviar, pearls or diamond dust to promote skin rejuvenation and achieve that beautiful, healthy glow. In addition to this, peptides, vitamins, ceramides, botanical extras and water are brought in to give birth to products that truly live up to their name. 

It’s no wonder gold based skin care products have been growing in popularity. From actresses, models and singers, it seems like gold is actually becoming the gold standard in skin care and now, thanks to companies such as OROGOLD Cosmetics, the miraculous products are available for everyone to add to their beauty rituals. This is actually one of the guiding principles and has informed the OROGOLD mission: ensuring that gold-infused products are not just a luxury that is out of reach, but a product that is for everyone who wants to take extra care of their skin. 

Symbolically, the meaning of gold is truly beautiful. It is associated not just with prestige, but with being the heart of the Earth and having connotations of eternity. It is a metaphor for strength and radiance which is everything one should seek for in a skin care product.