The majority of us hit the gym or turn to daily exercise sessions when we have to lose weight or to balance our body composition and shape. But we never think about investing our time and a little energy in improving our daily routine movements. All of our energy is spent on getting that perfect body shape that we forget how important it is to first build our strength for functional fitness movements that we perform routinely. 

Where losing weight and shaping our body have their own perks, we must first focus on making muscle movement easy for ourselves as there are more than 600 muscles in our body and all of them need some servicing. Functional fitness training is a holistic program that has a couple of exercises that have been designed to make routinely movements like stair climbing or complex house chores easy for you. It increases your strength and enhances your core that resultantly decreases your fatigue level associated with common physical work. 

Where functional fitness training increases your core stability and strength, it also enhances your health. The exercises also come with the added perk of calorie burnout that consequently serves you the purpose of weight loss. So it does not matter if you are looking for a weight loss program or looking to only build strength, the functional training serves each person alike. Let’s delve deeper into the basics of this training and get to know different types of exercises that are involved in it.

The mindblowing dumbbell reverse lunge

This is one of those functional fitness exercises that you can do easily at your home, without having to worry about ending up facing a serious injury. It includes reverse lunge followed by rotation to each side coming from your midsection and not your upper part and then stating the position in the last. Make sure that your knee is not touching the floor while you do reverse lunge and rotation, and you are all set to build great mobility and core strength with this exercise. The added perk of this one is that it also burns fat, so you actually have a whole package here. 

The refreshing Hip openers

This one is beneficial for those who spend most of their time sitting position due to their work requirements and face hip stiffness that ultimately leads to lower back problems. You can initiate this exercise by standing in any of yoga positions, and then slowly moving downwards. Then you slowly stretch back your legs so that you are almost levelling the floor and slowly lift your upper body up while your hips and thighs remain sunk downward. Then bring one of your knees towards your face and stretch out the arm on the same side. While doing this exercise, do not forget to take deep breathes. 

The super-duper squats

It involves squatting down with hands up, then straightening your legs with your hands down, then returning back to the deep squat position and finally standing back up. Do not forget to breathe out when you go in a sitting position and breathe in when you are in a standing position.