Sore muscles can be the result of many things. They could be the result and product of a very good work out or they could be because of overworked muscles. It all depends on what you have been doing, that caused you muscle soreness. Sore muscles are a type of muscle ache. This type of muscle pain is very common and can be treated easily by a hot bath or a few minutes on a full-body vibration machine can help, but if not treated right it can be the worst pain you ever felt.

There are two types of muscle soreness, Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) and Acute Muscle Soreness. DOMS is the type of soreness you feel after a few hours of exercise as the name indicated it while acute muscle soreness is the type of soreness you feel during the exercise or immediately after exercise. People usually experience DOMS after their workout, but acute muscle soreness can also occur or both types of soreness can happen at once.

A little muscle micro-tearing causes muscle soreness, this causes the body to respond to this damage. While the body responds to the damage, fluid accumulates in the area causing more pressure and tightness in the area. This happens usually after 12-24 hours of work out and stays for a good 24-48 hours. Not every work out causes muscle soreness, but when you do some intense cardio, or weightlifting or work out for more duration than you usually do, this sensation of pain occurs. The pain can be mild to moderate to unbearable, depending on the exercise you did and your capacity to bear the pain. The following are the ways in which you can get rid of your sore muscles.


Warming up before the work out can help you in a lot of ways. It can help your blood flow and also help your muscles to stretch. To warm up your body you need to do some light exercises in a certain way. These warming up exercises include biking, jogging, stretching and running.  


Non-Steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are one of the most common and provide fast relief to your muscle soreness. However, their mechanism of action for muscle soreness is unknown. They help muscles with inflammation. Nevertheless, when taking NSAIDs, make sure to limit their use as they can cause GIT problems, stroke, and heart attack. You may want to alternate with something like cbd lotion and other muscle creams if you do not want to continuously take pills for your inflammation.

Antioxidants in the Diet

Researches have proved that food consumed with more antioxidants can help you get rid of sore muscles. Fruits and vegetables like watermelon, cherry, ginger, and pineapple have amino acids in them. These amino acids help the body to get rid of the sore muscles and also stabilizes your heart rate.

Hot Compression or Baths

Studies have shown that people who take hot showers after their workouts usually have fewer chances of muscle soreness. Moist and dry both types of heat can help in muscle soreness.  You can have hot compressions with the help of warm damp towels, hot bags and hot heating packs.

Foam Rollers

A foam roller is somewhat a self-massage to your body. You can easily buy this roller with your gym equipment. Foam rollers can help you with muscle fatigue, DOMS and flexibility. You can simply place your roller on the floor and can roll your body over it. It is one of the easiest ways to get rid of soreness. Foam rollers are the new trend and are easily available.

Hydrate Your Muscles

Drinking more water will make sure that you get the bad toxins out of your body as soon as possible. Dehydrated muscles are easily injured, so keep your muscles hydrated to avoid muscle soreness.


The best way to avoid muscle soreness is to stretch before and after your work out. It is one of the easiest and convenient way to get rid of sore muscles. This will help your muscles to get relaxed and will help you recover from the soreness.


A Protein-rich diet will not help the soreness but will help your muscles get recover from it. It has been researched that taking a few grams of protein before and after the workout will help and reduce the symptoms of DOMS.


When you work out on a set of muscles, wait for at least 2 days to work out on the same sets of muscles. It will give you muscles some rest and time to recover from the soreness and pain. 

Proper Position and Pose:

When going to the gym and doing your exercise, make sure that you use the proper technique. Ask a trainer to help you initially. The trainer can better guide you with the weight lifts and all the exercise. In this way, you can avoid muscle soreness.

The above mentioned are some of the ways in which you can avoid muscle soreness. There are many other ways in which the soreness can be treated but it all depends upon the intensity of pain its causing. So try to follow the above steps and make your body habitual of those exercises as it might hurt now but it will make you stronger and, fit and not to forget, it will also make you look good. We all need to be physically and mentally sound in today’s world, and all the hustle is going to be worth it in the end. Just keep going!