Raincoats are a type of clothing used for defence against weather elements. Raincoats were originally intended to be worn in night-time, rain and fog by people with a low-slung march capacity. They were worn over the shirt, with epaulettes or no sleeves. Raincoats come in different styles and designs, each with a special purpose. Some are for everyday use, while others are for special fitness occasions or casual outings. It is important to choose the right type of raincoat for outdoor adventures will match your needs and not be too heavy or bulky.

The most common types of raincoats include;

Blended raincoat fabrics

Blended rain raincoat has a lining on the inside of the jacket that gives it extra protection against wind and water, allowing you to breathe easily while wearing it. They’re typically made with polyester or cotton blends. These fabrics allow air to pass through while keeping water away from your skin, which means they’re great for outdoor activities during warm weather months like spring or summer. Blended raincoats can also be made with fleece linings for added warmth when the temperature drops below 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 degrees Celsius).

Raincoats for adults

Raincoats come in many different styles and colors, making them one of the most popular types of raingear available today. Raincoats are made from thin material that allows water vapor to pass through without soaking you inside out, as thicker ones might do. This keeps you dryer but also allows your body heat to escape more easily through the fabric than if it were thicker material.

Rain ponchos for kids

Rain ponchos are lightweight and easy to move around in. They also provide coverage so you don’t get wet from raindrops hitting you directly on the back of your head, shoulders or neck area. They’re perfect for children because they don’t weigh much and are not heavy enough to cause discomfort during movement.

Packable raincoats

These raincoats have a drawstring waistband with Velcro closure that allows you to fold down the top part of the jacket if it’s not needed during the day. The inside is lined with a soft fabric that makes it easy to wear while providing adequate protection from the elements. This style is perfect for people who want something light and comfortable to throw in their backpacks when going out on vacation or just lounging around.

Trench coats

These coats come with a gusseted crotch area for increased mobility. There are also multiple pockets for storing your belongings so nothing gets lost in the rain. If you’re going on long hikes or excursions away from civilization where there will be plenty of precipitation (rain), it may be worth investing in a trench coat to keep yourself dry while out exploring. Trenches have longer sleeved than other coats, making it easier to put on over bulky clothing like sweatshirts and jackets that may otherwise get soaked through with water.


The names of each type of raincoat listed above refer to what type of material the raincoat is made from. Each type of raincoat has a different texture and appearance, both of which are beneficial in different ways due to the different applications that raincoats are used based on activities carried out while wearing them.