It is as powerful as it sounds. When you burn fat and build muscle, you get the physique of a warrior, hence the name of this program. If you’ve been searching online for a weight training program, chances are you’ve come across the Kinobody Warrior Shredding Program which is gaining popularity. The program promises to shed your weight off fast, while building upper and lower body mass muscles, and still enjoying some of the foods you like most.

This isn’t a program that sounds too good to be true with claims of getting in shape without practically doing anything. It’s one that does need the devotion to achieve the desired results. So how does it work exactly?

Resistance training

To get shredded you have to remain active in training with weights. The program will require that you do resistance training for 3 non-consecutive days. This makes training very doable, where you’re not expected to be at the gym daily for several hours; hours that most people don’t have. The trainings include 2 types of upper body workouts and one type of lower body workout. The warrior shredding program focuses on getting strong and lean, rather than getting big and bulky. That’s why you will have one workout that focuses on the chest, another on the shoulders, and a third one on the lower body, and incorporates a diet. The training focuses on certain lifts that will make you look bigger and give you warrior like proportions, like broad shoulders, and the V-shaped back, while the choice of diet is intermittent fasting. 

Diet plan

Intermittent fasting is a concept many other types of diets follow. There are several ways to do this fasting diet, which is said to give about 80% of the results of the entire program. Some people do so by fasting twice a week, where their calorie intake is limited to around 600 calories per day on those two days. Others might find it easier to eat 6 or 8 hours every day while fasting the rest of the day, which is how the Kinobody Warrior program works. This basically means you will not be eating for 18 hours of the day, keeping in mind this also includes the time you’re sleeping. So, it’s encouraged to skip breakfast and start your eating time after midday, say from 12 noon to 6 pm. The diet actually pushes more from 2 pm to 8 pm, but it’s about basing the times that suit you most. In either case, you would be eating your normal amount and types of food. That is not to say to load up on empty calories, carbs, and sugar. You should still eat as healthy as possible.

From people’s comments, it’s safe to say that this is one program that delivers. It will teach you to increase dense and solid muscles without experiencing the strength-building plateau that bodybuilding often does. Even if you hit a plateau, you will learn a series of exercises to help you pass the plateau. The designed exercise plan optimizes your muscle gain and strength while maximizing your nutrition.