Summer is here. Vacations, barbecues, pool parties, and desserts will follow.

While people are most active during the spring and summer, it’s still important to plan ahead in the hopes of staying in shape during the warmer months. Below are some of the ways you can achieve that feat.

Incorporate proper nutrition

Proper nutrition, of course, is key to staying in shape during the summer (or anytime of the year). It’s a good idea to talk to your doctor about what you should eat, especially if you want to make a drastic change or incorporate a new eating plan.

Proper nutrition isn’t only about calories in and out and gaining weight if you eat too much. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, “The link between good nutrition and healthy weight, reduced chronic disease risk, and overall health is too important to ignore.”

While many people think of food when thinking of proper nutrition, it’s also a good practice to take healthy supplements because they can give your body necessary vitamins and minerals (as well as other benefits) that you likely aren’t getting enough of from your diet. We encourage you to talk to supplement manufacturers to see what type of supplements would be best for your nutrition and lifestyle.

Plan your meals ahead of time

Some people are more disciplined than others when it comes to food. They order the healthiest options and are able to stick to their healthy lifestyles every time they go to a restaurant.

For others, planning meals ahead of time can help fight food cravings. This doesn’t only mean cooking all of your meals at home — it can also mean deciding on what you’re going to eat at a restaurant before you sit down by checking the menu online for healthy options.

Still, it’s OK to indulge from time to time. You shouldn’t restrain yourself every time or feel bad about eating something that wasn’t on your meal plan.

Create a workout plan you can stick to

Your workout plan can consist of a couple of rounds around the block all the way to five to six days of weight training. You have to create a plan you can stick to or at least build up over time.

If you start with 60 minutes of weight training and aren’t used to lifting weights, then you can cause more harm than good. You might also be too sore to train the next day, which might cause you to abandon your workout plan altogether.

10 minutes of cardio a couple of times a week is better than nothing.

Take on a physically active job or activity

Whether you’re a college student, a remote freelancer, or whatever it might be, taking on a physically active job or activity can help you stay in shape during the summer. This type of job or activity will keep you on your feet and moving around.

As an example, if you’re a college student looking for a summer job, then working for a roofing contractor in Indiana can provide you with a physically active job that also allows you to be outside. This job alone could be your physical activity for the week.

In terms of an activity, you could join an intramural sports team, or golf when you have the time and money to do so.

The point is to pick a hobby or job that forces you to be active.

Don’t forget about sleep and downtime

Many people tend to be active in the summer, which can lead to their always being on the go. However, don’t forget about sleep and downtime, because they can also play roles in staying in shape this summer (mentally and physically).

Poor sleep can actually make you gain weight and hurt your recovery process. Proper amounts of sleep can make you more productive, alert, lead to better performance, and so much more. Needless to say, sleep is important.

And of course, everyone needs downtime to recharge the mind, body, and soul. We aren’t machines, and our minds and bodies need breaks as a result.

Try the above tips and tricks to help you stay in shape all summer long.