The months behind us have been quite arduous, and they have forced people to make some changes they didn’t want. One of them is the reduction of socialization and the change of the daily routine. Having lunch with friends, or a meeting at the cinema, going to the gym, and even going shopping was banned around the world. In order to get the best out of the new situation, people decided to continue doing the same thing as before, but in the comfort of their homes. So, they started with house gatherings, watch movies with the family, have Sunday lunches, etc. Some opted to equip their home gyms to stay in shape during movement restrictions and in some cases started to ask questions about which bowflex machine is better..

Things got better, but some people decided to switch regular gym visits with the perks of home training. If you just need a place to exercise in peace or you have no time to hit the gym, a well-equipped workout area in your home is a real deal. More on its benefits read here.

Tips on Equipping Home Gym

A home gym offers privacy and a sense of independence. Working out in a private room will give you the peace and quiet you want. You can do your training without having to wait for a free machine or an instructor. Plus, you don’t have to worry about curious looks if you are a beginner or a new face in a gym.

If you enjoy the benefits of working out at home, you should equip it to fits your physical shape and training needs. The choice of tools and machines will depend on whether you prefer cardio, body shaping, or muscle-building exercises.

If you have a few weights, a mat, maybe a fitness bench, that’s already the equipment with which you can perform training. You can have a stationary bike or treadmill to add some cardio to your workout routine. And if you focus on muscle and strength building, Bowflex resistance exercise machines are something you must have.

Bowflex and Power Rod Technology

Bowflex is a leader among home gym equipment. This brand offers many similar models of multi-exercising machines. They mainly differ in how many pounds of resistance they deliver. Blaze and PR3000 are models marked as best-sellers. You can make a Bowflex home gym comparison before getting any of these online or in any well-supplied sports goods store.

These home gyms offer a variety of circuits that use a traditional Power Rod resistance system. This technology is revolutionary, as it eases exercising on Bowflex machines a lot. It provides the exercisers with progressive resistance, which goes up and up with every repetition. The more you flex the rod, the more weight (resistance) you add. So there’s no need for interrupting your sets just to add weight stacks.

Reasons to Buy Bowflex PR3000

The Bowflex PR3000 has quite a good rating on many review websites. People praise this machine because it’s adapted to beginners. They can start exercising with only 5 lbs and go up to 210 pounds of resistance as they improve their shape. A manufacturer additionally upgraded this limit to 310 pounds.

This machine provides strength training to all body parts. You can do about 50 different exercises on it, and that’s quite enough for beginners. Seasoned exercises might be looking for more, but they should try Bowflex PR 3000 before they opt for another machine.

This one has a Quick Change system that allows you to do different movements and exercises without adjusting a cable and pulley.That can take a while, so your rest time between sets might last more than you want. Quick Change System spares you of that trouble, providing an uninterrupted workout.

As the biggest drawback of the Bowflex PR3000, the exercisers emphasize the lack of workout space. Also, it has a vertical bench, but it’s not foldable. That can be problematic if you prefer lying down while doing legs, shoulders, or lower back. But it can save you some space, which makes this machine suitable for smaller workout areas.

How about Blaze?

The home gym circuit model, called the Bowflex Blaze, provides versatility exercises like the PR3000, with a dozen more exercises being performed on it. Also, resistance on it is upgradeable from 210 to 410 pounds (sold separately).

Also, Blaze has a variety of settings and add-ons. If you’re creative enough, you could do even more exercises. It means that this model is suitable even for the most experienced exercisers who enjoy testing their limits.

Check out these tips on proper weight training.

Due to the horizontal bench, this machine is bulkier than the PR3000. But as it’s foldable, they come to the approximately same size. It has Aerobic Rowing, a horizontal sliding seat. That’s great if you need something for your cardio.

Both models have the same warranty, with the PR3000 giving a slightly longer warranty for the Power Rod system. Since the price is approximate, or maybe even slightly on the side of the Bowflex Blaze, you have to thoroughly think about which machine suits your needs.

It doesn’t matter if you want to get in shape to impress someone or just trying to stay healthy and keep yourself looking and feeling good; working out at home is the perfect solution. With Bowflex systems with Power Rods, you can do a variety of exercises whenever you want. No matter you opt for Blaze or PR3000, you will be happy that you decided to make this investment.