Even if you love the type of work you do, you may hate going in to work each day. This is a sign that you’re working in a toxic work environment, which can be created by managers or by your co-workers. Whatever the root cause of this toxic environment, it’s not something you can or should try to accept. Fortunately, there are ways you can either improve the situation or alter the way you react to that environment. While these tips may not resolve every problem in your workplace culture, they can help you feel better about the time you spend within it.

Create or Join a Support Group

There are support groups to address virtually any cause you might think of and for good reason. Getting together with people who have had similar experiences offers an opportunity to discuss thoughts and feelings with people who understand. The sympathy you receive from like-minded people is therapeutic, because it offers an outlet for your feelings. Without this opportunity to vent your frustrations, you’ll bottle those feelings up and add to the toxicity of your workplace environment.

Your support group doesn’t have to be a formal situation, either. Getting together with friends after work can be just as beneficial. When you take the time to have a drink and discuss your day with those outside of your workplace, you’ll have the chance to unwind and put things into perspective.

Get Physical

It can also help to find a physically active hobby that will provide a way for you to blow off steam. Instead of heading home right after work, it can be helpful to make a stop at the gym first. Getting just 30 minutes of physical activity will benefit you in two ways. First, it will fulfill your daily requirement as recommended by doctors, helping you to stay physically healthy. Secondly, Brisbane psychologists suggest expending energy through physical exercise will alleviate the stress and frustration you have been left with after a long work day. This will help elevate your mood and allow you to go home to your family feeling better about yourself.

Change Your Mindset

This may require practice and it will take a conscious effort on your part, so don’t expect it to be easy. The best way to change a toxic work environment is to adjust how you react to it. Try to maintain a positive mindset throughout each work day, even if that means constantly reminding yourself to refocus your thoughts. When things seem especially bad, take the time to think about how you’re going to react to that situation. If you can react without giving into your own negative feelings, you may even be able to improve that situation. People react in kind, so, if you respond in a positive way, your co-workers and managers will be more likely to adjust their responses as well.

Tune Out That Negativity

One of the best ways to change how a toxic work environment affects you is by limiting your exposure to it. Try bringing headphones to work and using your favorite music to distract you from the conflict going on around you. Depending on the type of work you do, you might even find that adding music to your routine helps you become more productive. While you can’t tune out every situation, listening to music will put you in a better mood overall and you’ll be less affected by the negative workplace environment.

Stay Away From Toxic People

It should be fairly easy to look around your workplace and determine who contributes the most negativity to your hostile work environment. Stay away from those people as much as possible. While you may have to communicate with them to handle work-related issues, that should be the extent of your association with them. Once you begin listening to their gossip or opinions, you’ll be drawn into a bad situation. Before you realize what has happened, you’ll become a part of the toxic work culture that you were trying to avoid.

Get Outdoors

It might be a good idea to change how you spend your lunch break. Instead of spending the time sitting in a break room or cafeteria, take your lunch outside. This will help you get away from your toxic co-workers and it will give you some fresh air, which may be enough to recharge your energy levels. Getting outside and taking a little walk after you finish eating may also give your mood a boost, so you can return to work with a more positive mindset. A change of scenery can also help your day move along faster, preventing that mid-afternoon fatigue that you might otherwise experience. As you return to your work station, you’ll find that you’re less bothered by the toxic culture in your office.

Look for Positive Co-Workers

Working in a toxic workplace doesn’t mean every person on the staff is a negative influence. While they may be difficult to identify at first, there are probably a few people in your workplace who have a more positive mindset. These are the people who stay away from the gossip and avoid unnecessary conflicts with co-workers. By aligning yourself with these people, you can create a buffer of positivity around yourself. You may find that you share many of the same feelings about your work environment. Associating with the positive employees in your workplace will help you have better days and the negative aspects of your workplace culture won’t affect you as deeply.

It can seem like an impossible task to change a toxic workplace culture. If you attempt to change others, you probably won’t get very far, so it’s up to you to change your perspective. If you can find an outlet for your frustrations and react more positively to the toxic coworkers you face each day, you’ll find that the negativity won’t have such a strong effect on your emotional state. As others see you reacting in a different way, they’ll be less likely to give into that cultural toxicity. Over time, your own positive mindset can have the power to change your workplace culture.