With many people leading busy lifestyles and working from the safety of their homes, there’s been a growing need for functional and aesthetically appealing clothes. These are garments that are not only comfortable, but also stylish enough to be worn in all kinds of places and situations. Enter athleisure wear, a popular fashion trend that has also become a type of lifestyle. With athleisure clothes, transitioning from work to leisurely activities has never been easier.

What Is Athleisure Wear?

“Athleisure wear” refers to casual clothes that can be worn for both exercise and everyday activities. These pieces blend comfort with style, making them amazing wardrobe staples. While they make for great gym attire, you can just as easily wear them at home, at the mall, or in a coffee shop. Athleisure wear usually includes clothing pieces like leggings, tights, bralettes, shorts, sweatpants, joggers, hoodies, and sneakers. 

On their own, these clothes are already the perfect blend of chic fashion and comfort. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t add a little more flair to your sweatshirts and joggers. This is especially true if you want your outfits to have an extra touch of sophistication when you’re out and about. Whether you’re having drinks with the girls or running to the grocery store, you’ll want clothes that are effortlessly stylish and easy to throw on.

On that note, elevating your look is all about mixing up athleisure pieces with other closet essentials and accessories. This way, you can achieve balanced outfits that are both cozy and runway-worthy.

Wear Heels

Believe it or not, a pair of heels can really enhance your athleisure wear. While these shoes are normally associated with formal attire, they can make casual pieces shine. Wear your pumps with a pair of leggings or sweatpants for a super chic look that’s sure to turn heads. Be sure to wear sweatpants that aren’t too long and have elastic cuffs, so you can ensure that your stylish kicks remain visible.

Invest in a Clean Pair of Fashion Sneakers

If you’re not in the mood for heels, no sweat. A pair of trusty sneakers will always have your back and are perfect for almost any activity. With that in mind, it helps to invest in quality fashion sneakers. Unlike regular gym shoes—which often have bulky soles and unappealing designs—fashion sneakers are made to look sleek and chic without compromising comfort. They also come in a wide variety of styles, from casual canvas to metallic looks. White fashion sneakers, in particular, are versatile athleisure pieces that will never fail to look amazing.

Additionally, do be sure to keep your kicks as clean as possible. A pair of dirty sneakers can instantly make an athleisure outfit look shabby and dull. If you intend to hit the gym or walk on dirty terrain, it’s best to have a spare pair of running shoes for those purposes. This way, you can keep your fashion sneakers in mint condition for more leisurely strolls.

Throw on a Jacket, Blazer, or Trench Coat

Layering is an important aspect of putting together a chic look. Throwing on a few pieces of clothing over your athleisure wear might seem silly, but it can actually add a lot more depth to your ensemble. If you wanna dress it up, you can layer your outfit with formal closet pieces. Conversely, you can achieve an effortlessly cool look by layering with more casual pieces.

Keeping this in mind, throwing on a jacket, blazer, or coat is the simplest way to layer and achieve stylish athleisure outfits. For a more casual yet put-together look, wear a denim or leather jacket over your shirts, tanks, or crop tops. If it’s cold outside, you can also wear them over a hoodie for a toasty and fashionable outfit.

For a more professional look, you can wear a blazer over your athleisure clothes. A black blazer paired with a white shirt and black sweatpants can instantly turn your athleisure wear into a dressy outfit. Trench coats are also great at elevating athleisure ‘fits. Choose one in a neutral color like beige or cream and throw it over your joggers for an elegant look.

Go Monochromatic

The athleisure trend usually emphasizes minimalist designs and colors, so stylish outfits often feature neutral or subdued color palettes. Some colors in a neutral palette include black, white, gray, beige, and navy. For a sophisticated and well-coordinated ensemble, try adopting a monochromatic color scheme based on a specific neutral color. 

When putting together your monochromatic outfit, it’s good to mix different shades of your chosen color to achieve a balanced look. For example, you could pair white sweatpants with a cream-colored shirt, cream-colored coat, white tube socks, and white sneakers. It’s also good to balance different fabric textures in your monochromatic outfit. For instance, you could wear a black denim jacket over a gray cotton hoodie.

A black on black color scheme is also a classic monochromatic look that can’t be beaten. For example, a black long-sleeved crop top and flared leggings can really emphasize your silhouette. Wear them with black pumps for a night out—or if you want to add contrast, pair them with some white sneakers.

Pair Your Bralette with an Oversized Button-down

If you often wear bralettes or sports bras as athleisure wear, try pairing them with oversized button-downs. It’s a combo that’s perfect for situations where you need to cover up but don’t feel like wearing your usual shirts. It also looks extremely chic and sexy, allowing you to reveal just the right amount of skin. You can pair this outfit with leggings for extra comfort or high-waist jeans for an added dash of coolness.

Swap Your T-Shirt for a Classic Button-down

Button-down shirts are also great on their own, especially if you want to change up the usual t-shirt and sweatpants combination. Swap your shirt for a classic button-down to achieve a more tailored and polished look. If your top is a little loose or long, you can tuck it into your sweatpants to keep things neat. Then, pair your button-down with a jacket or trench coat to complete the whole outfit.

Add Some Accessories

You don’t need to buy a hundred new clothing pieces to elevate your athleisure wear. Mixing and matching the right accessories can turn the same outfit into several different ones. Accessories like jewelry, hats, sunglasses, and bags are great for embellishing your overall look with little effort. For example, hoop earrings in silver or gold and a slim chain necklace are understated yet glamorous pieces that look amazing on most athleisure wear. While gold jewelry is usually worn for formal occasions, you’ll find that they pair surprisingly well with your favorite joggers.

A sporty cap is another great accessory for athleisure wear. It’s casual yet chic and will protect your head from the sun’s rays. You can get plain and neutral-colored caps if you want to keep things minimalistic. However, if you want to add a pop of color to your outfit, you can also select caps with bold and unique designs. For instance, caps with messages and pretty embroidery at the front can be exciting additions to neutral-colored athleisure wear.

There are a number of simple ways to look more chic and stylish while wearing your athleisure clothes. All it takes is a bit of creativity and experimentation to see what works best for you. In general, the right shoes, color scheme, outerwear, and accessories can really make your ensemble shine. By following the tips mentioned above, you can wear outfits that look just as good as they feel, anytime and anywhere.