The number of people who use Castor oil has been on the rise and it is now a plant product of choice in skincare products not only for its hydrating benefits but also for nutrients conferment. 

If you have ever wondered regarding misuse of this oil, you have come at right place as this blogpost discusses the common mistakes that happens when this oil is utilised.

Common Mistakes

Mistake 1: High usage too MUCH. 

One of the common mistakes is using an absolute excess of castor oil, not realizing that additional use could result to greater effectiveness. You might think this way if he does not know the actual truth.  This may be against the original purpose of this oil. 

The extravagant use of castor oil does not bring the best prospects among which are:

  • Castor oil shows the feature of being highly viscous and thick and therefore, its excessive should be avoided as it can create too heavy or greasy on skin. This has created countless pores and dried up oily or comedogenic skins as well. 
  • What’s more, undiluted castor oil can be daunting to the body, it can cause skin irritation, redness, and discomfort especially on the sensitive areas such as the face. By doing this you may end up contradicting the reason for using it for skincare.

Recommendations for Proper Usage

To achieve the soothing effect of castor oil with no side-effects, you have to use it in a limited amount based on your special skin features. 

One the simplest moisturizing and balancing benefits for normal combination skin may be a small amount of castor oil mixed with any other carrier oil like coconut or almond oil. 

The individuals with oily or acne-prone skin are recommended to apply lighter amount as the excessive application can cause pores to get blocked and breakouts to occur. 

By diluting castor oil with a non- comedogenic carrier oil, one will keep enjoying its advantages and minimize the skin’s absorption of the oil. 

Mistake 2: Not diluting Castor Oil Properly

Castor oil should be mixed complete with water or other carrier oil at the right dilution as some people might be having sensitive skin. The oil of castor is undiluted can be powerful causing irritation or drastic reactions. Thus its prior dilution is a necessary requirement to use it safely and effectively. 

Tender skin corresponds to acute reaction to the fragrances which are the most acute form of chemical substances including castor oils. 

Castor oil gets diluted with a little amount of the carrier oil carrying out maximum blood circulation while keeping the advantages intact. 

Tips for Effective Dilution

When dilute castor oil, select a gentle and non-pore blocking carrier oil which is almond, jojoba or coconut oil. Combine a little bit of well-known castor oil and a larger amount of base oil for getting the required dilution. The most used comparison is a one to three or four oil ratios of the castor oil to the carrier oil.  However, it can be readjusted if required for more sensitive skin. 

This should be always carried out, and it is also necessary to test a patch of the skin with a diluted product before applying it to a larger area. 

Spread a thin layer of the diluted substitute on a small part of skin, for instance, the inner forearm to see if there will be any adverse effects after 24 hours. 

 Mistake 3: Using Castor Oil Incorrectly

The correct use is the most important factor in achieving its maximum benefits. As well as preventing the possibility of any negative occurrences expected. 

Correct Application Techniques

  • Using castor oil efficiently involves washing your face to get rid of dust, grime or other elements that would obstruct it from giving its full effect. Next, wash a small dose of the oil and water mixture and rub it into your skin but using circular massage techniques. 
  • Try not to apply too much pressure to the massage, since that might bring irritation to the skin. Change to light strokes instead of vigorous strokes to assist in uniform spreading of the oil. Give the oil enough time to be taken by skin completely before going ahead and using your other beauty products or makeup. 

Mistake 4: Expecting results instantly

While castor oil is ideal for the enhancement of your skin, it isn’t a quick-fix remedy.  Therefore, it is vital to manage your expectations, and present results may be seen after some time of use. Proper care and time must be given in order to achieve complete results.

Realistic Timeline for Results

The nourishing and rejuvenating effect of the castor oil is completed gradually, therefore don’t expect visible changes of your skin condition after the 1 or 2 applications already. Depending on the skin condition, be it dryness, acne, or fine lines, improvement might be perceivable for several weeks.  

Keep in mind that by insisting on consistency and using it correctly you’ll be highly successful. If it gets part of your skincare routine and you will be applying it regularly, strictly performing the rules of dilution and the application methodology. 

It will be undoubtedly effective in the best way possible. 

Bottom Line

It is important to note that using it for skincare should be done vigilantly and proper care must be taken.  First of all, we should never use the castor oil in an excessive manner without diluting it properly to combine with other ingredients or it will create the additional problems such as irritation or acne related issues.  

Secondly, we should not make the mistake by using the dilution with another milder oil, applying it consistently with proper techniques, and removing expectations of overnight results without medical attention.