Having a gym at home and exercising on your own is great. However, is it possible to part ways with your local gym for good? Starting to exercise is challenging enough, but keeping your routine is even harder. To be sure you’re getting the right results and getting closer to your goal, it’s best to take a look at both pros and cons of each of these workout methods, and see if both can help you out get closer to your fitness goal. Here are the benefits of combing home workout and gym for better results in your fitness routine.

The location

Let’s begin with the most obvious benefit both of these methods can give– the location. When working out at home, you can save a lot of time as you don’t need to leave your home to do a workout session. However, what happens on those days you are busy at work or you simply don’t have space or peace to workout at home? This is when combining home workout and gym comes in handy. Sometimes it will be easier to do a workout on your work break, or straight after work so you can do something else while you’re in town. Home workouts can indeed save you time – but also going to the gym. This is why combining these two places for your workouts according to your weekly schedule will make you a lot more efficient.

The cost

Another reason why combining home workout and gym is related to your budget. Setting up a home gym is fairly easy, yet some pieces of equipment are rather expensive. Here you can combine some basic workout equipment for certain workouts you can do at home with other sessions you need more complicated equipment you can use at your gym. Even though there’s a gym membership you need to pay, don’t forget that buying and maintaining home gym equipment can be pretty costly.

Remember that heavy gym equipment can be an issue in case you need to relocate. Moving such pieces can be quite expensive, but the issue also comes with fitting the bulky pieces into the new space. That’s why you should be careful when packing your home gym equipment and be sure you trust a professional to safely transport it to your new home. Don’t forget that good preparation is essential, to gather all the necessary supplies, disassemble the parts and pack the gym equipment as safely as possible. Take your time packing it properly, or simply hire experts to do it and minimize the risk of damage.


Another great aspect of this topic is the benefit of combining home workout and gyms for social matters. When working out at home, you can have all the privacy you need. You can enjoy your workout without worrying if someone will judge your outfit, or music choice, or tell you unnecessary advice about your exercises. Also, you won’t have to wait for someone else to finish with their workout so you can take that specific piece of equipment. And that’s okay – sometimes, we want to avoid the small talk and work out in the privacy of our own home.

However, socialization can come in handy, especially when going to the gym. Very often, people who struggle with motivation find it easier to go to the gym, knowing they will respect their routine and not give up that easily. Furthermore, combining home workouts and gym can be a great way to bond with someone from your environment. Working out with your friend from time to time is a great way to spend some quality time together. Finally, working out in a group from time to time can help you if you’re feeling lonely at home. Socialization is an essential part of human nature so there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a workout with other people – it can be therapeutic and stress-releasing, too.

The space

Not every home can fit a proper home gym. Equipment you need to exercise often requires a bit more space, and your current home may not be big enough. You can always go for a space-saving gym at home or some basic equipment, and use bigger pieces when you hit the gym. This way you’ll combine workouts without cramping your home with bulky gym pieces.

Dynamic exercise routine

When combining home workouts and gym, you can create a routine that is far from boring and monotonous. Combining these two can give a certain dynamic to your workout program, making you more motivated to reach your goal. For example, you can do yoga, and some basic condition exercises – activities you don’t need any special equipment for. Additionally, you can visit the gym a couple of times a week or month for some more challenging exercises that require more space or equipment. Keep your exercise routine interesting, so you don’t ever feel bored or ready to quit.

Professional guidance

At home, you can get some tips from online instructors and their videos. However, if you’re not experienced enough, the guidance you get from a professional trainer is very valuable to ensure you’re doing the exercises properly. That’s one of the benefits of combining home workout and gym – you can get help from an expert and apply those tips when working out at home. Very often, improper exercise performance can lead to different health and posture issues, so be sure you learn how to reach your fitness goal without risks.

Final words

Very often, not everything is black and white. Even with the best gym right there at your home, you can sometimes benefit from going to a local gym in your city. Both of these options have pros and cons, which makes one thing certain – you’ll surely benefit from combining home workouts and gym. Once you define your goal, make a plan that will help you reach it and improve your health.