Taking care of yourself should be a top priority. The most successful people carve out time for it every day. Start with these 5 daily activities!

Balancing our mental and physical health is always a work in progress. 

Some days we’re great at moving ahead with our life goals, but exercise slips through the cracks. Other days we watch what we eat perfectly but don’t accomplish anything mentally productive.

Walking the fine line of getting our minds and bodies fit can seem impossible most days. 

But it doesn’t have to be.

Sometimes, you can keep your mind and body healthy at the same time, like when you engage in these five daily activities.

1. Get Physical with Movement You Enjoy

The importance of physical movement can’t be understated. We’re hesitant to use the “e” word because for some people, as soon as an activity is called “exercise,” it stops being enjoyable.

But any movement is exercise, and when it’s consistent and repetitive, it’s great for your body.

No matter how hectic your schedule is, you need to carve out 10 to 15 minutes (or longer, if you can) daily to get physical. Your circulation, muscles, and brain will thank you later.

Go outside and take a walk. Hike through your local nature preserve. Swim for half an hour (don’t just float in the pool). Dance it out (this combines the bonus of music, which is beneficial to your health in other ways).

Whatever it takes, find an activity that you enjoy doing. 

When you love what you’re doing, it doesn’t feel like work. And if it’s physical movement, you’ve combined your body and mind in your enjoyment.

2. Unplug and Relax Before Bedtime

Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial for your mental and physical health. Although quality rest should be on everyone’s daily schedule, it’s not as easy to get as it sounds.

Cases of insomnia and chronic sleep deprivation have skyrocketed over the last decade. This is at least partially attributed to the addition of phones and other electronics in our daily routines.

Scientific research has shown that any screen time right before bed can be hazardous to your sleep quality. This is especially true if your devices emit a lot of blue light. 

This light source affects how much of the sleep hormone melatonin your body produces. It also confuses the circadian rhythm of your sleep cycle that tells your brain when to fall asleep or wake up.

Think about what you once did at bedtime before you had a phone attached to your hand. Did you enjoy reading? Writing in your journal? Listening to music?

Use the half-hour before bedtime to unwind. You may find yourself relearning old habits you used to love. 

3. Be Mindful of Your Meals

In today’s society, it’s a rare individual who gets the correct amount of vitamins and minerals needed for a healthy body.

When your vitamin storage gets depleted, it has a domino effect on the rest of your body. Your physical stamina decreases, and your muscles and immune system don’t work as they should.

On top of these physical issues, your mental health relies on specific vitamins to function well for your daily activities.

So how can you prevent the spiral that happens when your body depletes its vitamin and mineral storage? You have to be mindful of what you put into your mouth.

Most food today is packed with preservatives and synthetic ingredients. These meals are unhealthy because they don’t give you the vitamins you need, and your body uses up the necessary nutrients to process what you ate.

The best way to solve this issue is to plan your meals ahead of time. You’re able to track the ingredients, unlike at restaurants. And you can prepare healthy meals that you enjoy, at a fraction of the cost of dining out.

But if this isn’t possible with your schedule, at least take some over-the-counter vitamins and supplements to help your body get what it needs.

4. Get a Creative Hobby

Your knee-jerk response might be something like, “I don’t have a creative bone in my body.” But everyone does. You just have to find it!

When you engage in creative activities that you enjoy, you activate parts of the brain that keep you physically and mentally healthy. Many of these hobbies have a therapeutic benefit to them, relieving stress and relaxing your mind and body.

Pursuing a creative endeavor makes you focus, blocking out external distractions. According to psychologists, this is being in a “flow” state

It’s the mental stage we are in when we forget about everything else but what we’re doing. And it’s significantly healthy.

Working at your hobby daily, since you enjoy it, gives you something to look forward to and keeps you happy. The fact that it’s excellent for your health is a bonus!

5. Find Something to Laugh About

Pixar’s movie “Monsters, Incorporated” hit the nail on the head when they used laughter as the most potent form of energy.

Scientists have studied the effects of laughter on the body and mind for centuries, with consistently similar results. The facts show that a good, long laugh changes the physiology of your body.

Laughing engages parts of the body that burn calories, increase circulation, and reduce stress levels.

It’s arguably the best exercise you can get, so find a reason to laugh every day. And if you haven’t had a hearty laugh in a conversation, there’s always the funny cat videos on the internet.

In Summary

Finding the balance in your day to juggle all your responsibilities and still focus on your health isn’t easy.

Incorporate these five daily activities in your schedule and — most importantly — stay consistent. You may find yourself with the ability to do even more!

Author Bio:

Dominique Daniels has five years of Property Management experience working primarily in high-end apartment community living. Her ability to consistently deliver white-glove service to her residents and prospects has propelled her in a successful career that now finds her leading the team at Vida at Daybreak.